What to Eat to Speed Up the Weight Loss Process

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Many people just can’t cope with the fact that they have extra fat and weight on their bodies, so they desperately try to lose weight with a diet. However, are they all doing the right thing?

There is a big chance that many people are choosing the wrong diets. According to several studies, the food that we ingest has the largest role in losing weight.

We will give you several foods that you need to start eating in order to see progress. Combine a diet of your choice with exercising and you should see results in a matter of months.

  • Chia Seed

Women tend to get emotional during their period, because of the change of hormones. Well, this ingredient can really boost your mood and make you emotionally stronger. It supports the growth of serotonin, which leads to improved mood.

This food needs to be included in your diet because it is high on omega-3s. Even though you can find this nutrient in other foods such as eggs, grass-fed beef or salmon, the chia seeds can be included in anything you want.

  • Whole Grain Bread

It is important to control our cravings during a diet, but sometimes it gets too much to cope with. We need foods that are rich in carbs because they taste the best. However, those foods can really ruin the progress that you have had so far. For this reason, we need to eat foods with complex carbs like whole-grain bread. It will regulate your appetite and it will provide your body with vitamin B6 and manganese.

  • Melon

Melon is great support for women who are in their period. Because of the hormonal changes, the body starts to store fluids and sodium in the tissues which usually lead to weight gain. If you start eating melon every day, you will reduce the bloating and the discomfort. Also, the melon can act as a diuretic because of an element that is known as Cucumis melo.

  • Popcorn

This food can really reduce the cravings and will increase the production of serotonin. However, try to make it unsalted in order to reduce the bloating. Also, popcorn can really boost your mood.

  • Pumpkin seed

By eating pumpkin seed, you will get around 70% of magnesium that your body desperately needs every day. Also, it will reduce water retention and will improve your mood. There are other health benefits such as treating headaches by dilating the blood vessels. The pumpkin seeds can be either included in salads or eat them as they are.

  • Saffron

Consuming saffron during a diet can really help you get through depression, which is happening quite often at people who are trying to lose weight. By improving your mood and fighting depression, your body’s function to do water retention will be reduced significantly. Similar to the popcorn, saffron can increase the level of serotonin which will definitely improve your mood.

  • Beans

The beans are quite rich when it comes to magnesium. They also boost the level of serotonin and reduce the water retention. Try to find beans that are not salted because you need to replenish the levels of antioxidants in your body. Beans can also help you improve the levels of potassium, copper, iron, and zinc. On the plus side, you can cook a lot of meals with beans.

What to do to lose weight faster and more effective.

You will probably look for strength and energy in the first couple of days since you start the diet. Maybe it will be hard in the beginning, but you need to keep pushing.

For these reasons, in the first 5 days, you need to stay away from high-intensity training and focus more on light physical activities. Exercises such as yoga, stretching, walking or riding a bike are what you need.

You can even change the schedule of eating and eat several times per day in order to control your appetite and cravings.

In the next 5 to 15 days you can start increasing the dynamic and intensity of your training. You can either only do cardio or only do a workout or you can combine them both. While you are in this phase, you need to ingest more proteins.

In the next 16 to 30 days, you will feel a huge change in your energy levels. However, that comes with an issue – increased appetite. If you get enough nutrients, you can afford high-intensity training and you can afford at least 200 extra calories. To get these nutrients, such as proteins, carbs, and fats, you need to focus on healthy foods such as avocado, nuts or olive oil.

To summarize everything, food is the most important factor during the process of weight loss. It can be hard in the beginning, but you need to remember your goals and try not to give up.

Isn't it fair to share?

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