What Food Cravings Are Trying to Tell You

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You are preparing to head to bed when you suddenly feel a food craving. Although you haven’t thought about it until a second ago, you now want to eat a whole bowl of snacks or sweets. Here is what your food cravings are trying to tell you:

Chocolate = Magnesium

We have all been in situations where we would give anything just to eat a piece of chocolate. While there is no doubt that it is an amazing treat, chocolate craving actually indicated that your body lacks minerals and vitamins.

According to expert, lack of vitamin B, chromium, and magnesium might be why you want to eat chocolate. Try to include a dietary supplement to boost the intake of these nutrients in your nutrition. While you are waiting for the supplement effect, raw almonds can be an excellent substitute.

Sodas = Water

And the same applies to other candies, such as cakes or ice cream. These are not the foods you want to eat often because they will play with your blood sugar levels. The sugar craving might mean that your body is dehydrated and that you need water.

Try drinking an entire glass and wait for a couple of minutes. There is a good chance that the craving will disappear, but if it still remains, consider consuming an orange, apple, or blueberries.

Snacks = Vitamin B

When we say snacks, we are thinking about salty goodies, such as crackers, chips, and stuff like that. In case you are often experiencing this, your body may be suffering from vitamin B deficiency. This can also be solved by taking a dietary supplement filled with vitamins.

Alternatively, you may consider hydrating your body and boosting your electrolyte intake. Do this by drinking water or a natural celery juice.

Fried Foods = EFA

The EFA stands for essential fatty acids and might be what your body is craving when it is looking to eat French fries or other fried foods. Your goal should be to target ingesting fats that are healthy. Make sure to skip pizzas, burgers, and even fried chicken as it is loaded with trans fats. Instead, find a source of healthy fats, such as salad sprinkled with olive oil, avocado, or fatty fish (herring, salmon).

You may also consider taking a dietary supplement rich in Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids.

Bread = Nitrogen

In this case, bread equals pasta, croissants, and other goodies made from dough and filled with carbs. It is true that eating carbs releases dopamine, which may put you in a better mood, but what your body actually wants is nitrogen.

You can increase the intake of this component by adding more fish, chicken, or meat to your nutrition, and even by consuming a small portion of nuts.

Red Meat = Iron

Finally, you might think that you are a lover of red meat, but that means nothing else than that your body craves for iron. The experts suggest that our organism needs protein, but not the amounts we are ingesting.

If you are looking for alternatives to red meat, eat beans, beets, and even dried fruits (just make sure that they do not contain plenty of sugar).

Isn't it fair to share?

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