This Simple Exercise Removes Back and Belly Fat in No Time!

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Have you known that there is an easy way to transform your body very fast?

At this article you can find a method, which can help you get the body you always wanted and all your dreams will come true. The method requires only four minutes of your time every day and it will help you reduce body fat and boost your strength.

You will see the positive outcomes after a short period and you will be amazed with the results.

The plank is being presented by US Challenge and this exercise involves planking for about 20-45 seconds a day for the first week. At the end of this challenge you will need to plank about 3-4 minutes daily. This exercise will definitely give you the wanted effects since it is a full body workout.

You just need to do the exercise correctly and you will see the changes in no time.

The plank is made for 20 seconds through the first two days. You need to increase this time up to 30 seconds the third and the fourth day. At day five you need to add 40 more seconds. The sixth day you need to rest through the entire day and continue with the planking for five moments on the 7th and 8th day of the exercise.

Keep the position for a full minute in the next two days. On the day 12, you need to plank for 80 seconds. Then, the following day you are free to make a break.

After the break, you should continue planking for five minutes and on the day 14 and 15, you should try to carry the plank position for full two minutes the next two days.

On your 18th planking day you need to plank for about 50 seconds. The next day you should make a break again. The next couple of times you need to plank for 150 more seconds and keep doing it like this until the day 22 and 23. The next day you should plank 210 seconds and then make a break again.

Plank for another 210 seconds on the day 26 and 240 seconds on the day 27. On the 28th day you should do the exercise as long as you can.

The positive outcomes from this challenge will be noticeable when you finish it. You will definitely be impressed with the results.

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