One of the popular trendy children’s actions to have for a birthday celebration is leading to more harm than great. The rental item is usually relatively inexpensive, but there can be a hidden threat to them which is currently coming to the top.

Brenda Sanderson found this first-hand in the moment her 10year-old son started breaking out in what were burns. But because they didn’t vanish entirely, she took her kid to the hospital.

At a healthcare facility, the doctors explained that the boy had contracted a serious staph infection from using in a contaminated bounce house. This occurred since the bounce house was not correctly cleaned after being used by other kids. Evidently, Keeping the inflatables sanitized is normally exclusively up to the owner and isn’t an essential area of the inspection.

“It is just like a wrestling mat. Staph attacks come from a fitness center or something that’s not really becoming washed or cleansed correctly will start to produce a bacteria,” the doctor said.

We aren’t telling that you just should never rent a bounce house for your child’s future birthday party, nevertheless, you should call ahead and ensure that it’s been properly sanitized.