These Are Five Hygiene Myths That We Need to Bust

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Hygiene is important and nobody wants to argue that. However, there are things that we are accustomed to doing that in reality do not help us maintain our hygiene at all.

These are five myths that we need to bust right away:

You DO NOT Have to Shower Every Day

If you are a professional athlete or you have a job that involves sweating, you will need to shower every day. Otherwise, it is absolutely okay to skip a day or two.

According to experts, microbes tend to cover our body and their concentration gradually grow, which may result in dandruff, acne, and other irritations. However, showering every couple of days is enough to keep the microbe level under control.

Sanitizers Are the Best Way to Wash Your Hands

The truth is that hand sanitizers can help you remove bacteria, but you should be aware of the compounds they contain. For example, some of them include triclosan, which FDA banned a while ago. The experts agree that hand sanitizers may be effective, but even they won’t help you get rid of all bacteria.

The truth is that bacteria are everywhere in our skin and they do not plan on leaving. The good news is that is completely normal and you just have to get used to the idea. In the meantime, if your hands are dirty, use soap to wash them.

The Bad Reputation of Hot Tubs

Jacuzzis and other hot tubs are filled with bacteria, but just like with our skin, a huge majority of them are harmless. In fact, you shouldn’t be afraid of entering a Jacuzzi as long as it is properly maintained and none of the visitors takes a leak or something like that.

All the joking aside, if you are certain that the owner cleans the hot tub on a regular basis, feel free to enter it.

Should You Sit on a Public Toilet Seat?

There are two different myths to bust here. The first one is that public toilet seats contain bacteria that will harm your health. This is not true because they contain pretty much the same bacteria as the toilets in your home.

The only way these bacteria can cause you to harm is if they manage to enter your organism through open sores or cuts. As long as you are touching the seat with only your skin, there should be a danger. However, you should also make sure to wash your hands afterward as licking these microbes may cause some G.I. trouble.

The other myth to bust is that you can save yourself from bacteria by covering the toilet seat with toilet paper. In reality, the bacteria will find their way through the paper just fine, which means that this doesn’t offer any real protection.

Changing Your Sheets on a Monthly Basis

The statistics say that women change their sheets more often than men. The experts claim that you should do this more often than just once a month. In fact, they suggest changing your bed sheets every week or so.

The reason for this is to avoid potential skin irritation, such as acne or rashes.

Isn't it fair to share?

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