How to build self-confidence | Strengthen Your Self-Confidence

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A dream called high and healthy self-esteem can become your reality. Don’t wait for it to happen by itself. You need to work on it and learn how to build self-confidence! Self-confidence training involves working on the plan of:

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Calming down the inner critic
  • Coming out of the comfort zone
  • Dealing with negative thoughts
  • Setting boundaries with others and set their own boundaries
  • Ability to say no
  • Overcoming uncertainty

All of these sub-themes will be worked out separately. They are closely related to self-esteem and are determined multiple times. Hence self-confidence training will not have its basic function if we do not pay proper attention to each of these topics.


You need to work on it and learn how to build self-confidence! Self-confidence training involves working on the plan of these helpful tips

Feeling insecure and feeling less valued? Want to have a more fulfilling life than the one you now live? But fears are holding you back and you are reluctant to take any steps that will take you out of your uncertainty. You are ashamed and afraid of being rejected and criticized.

Have a sense of lesser value and guilt when there is no obvious reason for that? How many times have you told yourself that you are useless, worthless, unattractive, a loser?

How much do you not love yourself, how bad a picture of yourself do you have? You are emotionally vulnerable, withdrawn, and giving up on the first hurdle.

You think you deserve nothing and allow others to discourage you. You don’t know your priorities and you don’t know what you want to do.

What is the reason for all this happening to you? Your low self-esteem! Now is the right time to tell her goodbye! Allow yourself and your life to enjoy more. Build life just the way you want it and be successful both privately and professionally!


The inner critic or self-talker, is the “voice” that you hear within yourself and constantly resonates with and offends, criticizes, humiliates, discourages, blocks, predicts failure. Sadly you trust him very much and because of him and your self-esteem is shattered or already low.

The inner critic creates a negative self-image for you, an image that shakes you too much. If you have a negative self-image, you may be in a destructive relationship that you do not get out of or you lack self-confidence and self-esteem.

Learn how to silence him and not let him control your life in all its spheres.


You live a safe life and it seems like nothing can hurt you. Your comfort zone is your everyday life, where you do everything automatically.

Stop waiting for life to move forward, and you continue to move to your safety zone. Everything has become a boring, monotonous habit. Stop playing the role of “victim”. Your life starts out of your comfort zone. Get out of it and become a self-confident person!


Why does your mind generate negative thoughts? Because of the negative feelings, you have that you have not accepted. Because of the fear, anxiety, anger, despair, guilt … you struggle with.

Negative thoughts disturb your concentration, motivation, mood and make you feel like you have no control over yourself.

You pay too much attention, you analyze them, you fight them ….. Tell them: STOP! Tell them that you are no longer powerless, that you can handle them.

Learn how to reprogram your mind. Learn techniques that will help you counteract your negative self-talk. Dealing with negative thoughts will enable you to become more engaged, happier, more creative…


Learn how not to allow others to violate your personal boundaries, uninvitedly entering and exiting your intimate space, in the way that suits them, without worrying about the emotional injuries they inflict on you.

And you let them because you don’t have a clear picture of yourself and you have low self-esteem, so others “need you” to confirm your existence.

But you are on the wrong side of believing that others will increase your self-esteem, if you, your personal boundaries, make them completely permissive so that they do not completely over time.

At that moment you lost your individuality. Learn to set and respect both your own and others’ personal boundaries. Doing this in addition to awareness will require real high self-esteem.


Are you going to agree on something without much thought? Often? Out of fear of hurting someone? Or out of a desire to please someone? You’re going to say yes, even though you mean NO? Often?

Do you feel guilt or embarrassment when you have to say “NO, DO NOT WANT, DO NOT ANSWER”? When is saying NOT a problem? When you lose your balance and too often others

Isn't it fair to share?

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