Salt Lamps to Detox Your Home and Body

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Have you heard of salt lamps? Due to their multiple benefits, they have become the latest trend for health enthusiasts around the globe. Not only they can improve the aesthetics of your home by adding soft lighting, but they can also help to detox both the room and your body!

We are sure that this sounds amazing, so let’s find out more about these lamps.

Purify the Air and Your Body

Himalayan crystalized salt placed around a small bulb is how you make a salt lamp. Aside from lamps, you can also find candleholders and bowls. When it comes to their main properties, it is essential to mention that salt lamps attract molecules of water. In other words, these will purify the water vapor and help you to get rid of mold, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants that can be harmful to your health.

In fact, think of the salt lamps as natural air and body purifiers. The studies have shown that inhaling salt can help to eliminate the toxins collected in the lungs. That means the salt lamps will clean your respiratory system and make sure that there are no indoor air pollutants to inhale.

Generate Negative Ions

Negative ions boost our mood by improving the flow of oxygen to the brain. Salt lamps are also known for its potential to generate negative ions, which is another way to optimize your health. Another benefit of negative ions is that it neutralizes the harmful electromagnetic radiations. We love our TVs, PCs, and smartphones (in fact, you are using one of them to read this article right now), but they can have a negative influence on our body.

In short term, electromagnetic radiation can cause immunity issues and fatigue, while the long-term consequences may be cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Thankfully, the negative ions generated by the salt lamps help to neutralize this effect.

Foot Detoxifiers

Keep in mind that you need to use half dome salt lamps to obtain this benefit. Thanks to the crystal heat, the sweat, and the salt will join their forces to detoxify your skin. Various points of your feet are connected to the rest of your body, which means that this method can help you eliminate toxins from all parts of your organism.

If you ever head an ionic foot bath, this has a similar effect plus the additional benefits of smooth skin and not getting your feet wet.

How to Choose the Right Salt Lamp

First, beware of scammers selling fake salt lamps. What you need is an original Himalayan salt lamp, but fortunately, there are many online places where you can buy one. Try to read existing user reviews and choose a reliable manufacturer, such as this one. Alternatively, you can find a local supplier that sells salt lamps.

When buying this product, make sure to choose the right size. The general rule is that you need a small lamp for small spaces and a large one for big rooms. Some experts suggest sticking to the equation of having a pound of salt rock per 15 sq. ft.

Isn't it fair to share?

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