Relaxing Yoga Poses for Beginners

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Yoga can be a fulfilling experience for everyone who starts it, especially if you are feeling stressed, sad or simply tired.

There are numerous poses that can promote relaxation and we advise you to take a look at them and give them a try at least for several weeks.

Probably, there were times when you felt tired, but laying around and sleeping doesn’t help. Well, this is because you completely forget about physical activity even though your body needs it. Following these exercises, you will understand that your tension and stress are slowly fading away. At end of the day, you will be ready to have a good sleep.

Here the 6 exercises that you need for relaxation.

    • Legs up the wall

It is probably the easiest yoga exercise, but it will still relax you completely. Lay down on your back near a wall, put a rolled blanket under your lower back and lift your legs against the wall. This exercise can really help you if are experiencing issues with your legs, ankles or knees because the elevation will drain essential fluids from the lower part of your body to your stomach. Also, you can achieve headache relief by doing this exercise.

    • Garland Pose

A good stretching exercise that will relax you and make you more flexible. Place your feet hip-width apart and position yourself in a squatting position. Squatting can be difficult, so you can place a blanket behind you in order to have support for your heels.

    • Child’s pose

If you have had a long, tiring day, this exercise can come in handy. You can choose how long you will do this exercise, starting from 30 seconds to a few minutes, whatever is comfortable for you. It can help you if you feel pain in your back, hips, shoulders, neck, and thighs.

    • Happy baby

Lay down on your back and relax. Bend your knees and put them on your chest. Grab your fingers on your feet and hold your knees bent. Push them towards your chest and armpits and move from side to side.

    • Downward facing dog

A good exercise, especially if you are sitting for longer periods of time each day. Posture yourself as a downward facing dog, and move your legs in order to stretch the hamstring. You can do movements such as bending your knees and going up with your toes. Make sure to breathe correctly throughout the exercise.

    • Corpse Pose

It looks like an easy exercise, but it is quite hard to accomplish it and have the right posture. Many people just can’t maintain a posture of lying down and relaxing. You can do this exercise at the end of your workout routine because it will relax you, it will lower your blood pressure and will prevent headaches, fatigue, and any sleeping issues. If you feel cold, that is because your body temperature will drop down for a bit.

Isn't it fair to share?

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