Powerful Home Remedies to Grow Thicker and Fuller Hair Naturally

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Hair is the best jewelry of women. And we all love to have a voluminous hair to look good. But there are several reasons such as pollution, bad food habits, the stress in work, etc. which altogether hinder the growth of hair and thus leaves us with thin hair. But, there are various useful tips following which you can easily get thick hair.

We have shared some tips here to get thick hair faster. So, have a read.

    • Hair massage is very helpful just like a body It helps to keep all the pressure and tension at bay. You can choose to massage your scalp and body every two-three days for better effect. Hot oil massage is ideal that enhance the blood circulation on the head. Thus it promotes hair growth naturally.
    • Comb your hair daily at least twice. But, the comb should be very strong and gentle. It similarly enhances blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
    • Do not wash your hair with shampoo every day. Just two or three days a week is perfect to use shampoo. Also, avoid using the shampoo that has too many Parabens, sulfate, etc. are not good for hair. So, look for the products that are free of all these chemicals.
    • Try to dry your hair naturally. Too much uses of a hairdryer and straighten is not good at all for hair health. The heat will damage your hair if used on a regular basis.
    • Eat healthily. You should ensure that you are eating all kind of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutrition to stay healthy. If your diet includes all kind of protein and nutrition, you can be assured that your hair too is getting all the needed proteins and vitamins to stay strong.
    • Sound sleep is also needed daily to promote hair growth. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to stay refreshed. Sound sleep will kick off all the previous day stress, tension and pressure thus help maintain the hair and skin properly. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for hair fall. So, try to stress-free, and the result will be reflected in your skin and hair.
    • Finally, cut off the split ends every three months. Split ends actually hinder the growth of hair. So, it is suggested that remove the split ends in every two-three months and your hair will look much better.

Home remedies to grow thick hair faster:

      • Castor oil is a very good remedy to get thick hair. You can apply this oil two-three times a week to get a soft, smooth and glossy hair. But, castor oil is very sticky, so it is best to apply during the daytime on holidays.
      • Aloe vera gel: This is another good home remedy to get thick hair.
      • Olive oil too is very helpful to get thick hair faster.

Finally, you can use an avocado that promotes hair growth.

Isn't it fair to share?

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