Night-time body butter if You Have Dry Skin

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Dry skin is an extremely common problem which impacts many people worldwide. Nearly all body creams and also prescribed by doctors products as well as creams are rarely effective. They aren’t only rarely effective, but they’re additionally costly.

Therefore those struggling with dry skin are trying to find a simple solution that would not possible be toxic for their skin yet that would be powerful enough to assist fight the issue.

Namely, a mix of raw, natural coconut essential oil and healing grade essential oils are able to do the trick. You might be familiar with the actually incredible health advantages of coconut oil. But you may be skeptical about the result of coconut essential oil on your skin area. Simply apply a little bit of coconut essential oil on your skin just before going to sleep or right after taking a bath. You’ll be surprised by the results. Right after one week, you are going to understand that coconut oil is among the best all-natural skin care items.

You might have read numerous sources in which essential natural oils can help recover, calm, as well as enhance your general health. In fact, the actual mixture of coconut oil, as well as essential natural oils, has a capability to improve your skin health.

The actual recipe is shown below consists of photosensitive essential oils, meaning that they react under the sun. That is why you should just use this rich and creamy; moisturizing body butter during the night and wash it in the morning.

Homemade night-time body butter formula


  • -A cup of organic, raw coconut oil
  • -Five drops of lemon essential oil
  • -Five drops of orange oil
  • -Peel of half lemon (organic)
  • -Zest of half orange (organic)
  • -Peel of half lime (organic)


Start by putting your coconut essential oil in a small skillet and then warm up it for about 20 seconds or even until it softens. Afterwards, put it right into a bowl as well as stir through it to make sure that almost all lumps are mixed. After that, add the actual zest of lemon, orange, and lime and mix through once again.
You should also include the essential natural oils and mix until everything is nicely combined. The actual oil must not be too hot when combining it with all the essential natural oils. So, put it in the fridge to solidify slightly. Furthermore, the essential oil is actually strong enough when you can make an indent in the coconut oil using your finger.

Following, put it in a mixer or perhaps blender as well as a whip this until you obtain a fluffy blend. Then, your personal nontoxic body butter is actually ready.

Move it in the jar and also keep it out of direct sunlight in order to avoid melting.
Use this self-made body butter in order to keep your skin smooth, moisturized, as well as fresh.

Isn't it fair to share?

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