Living with Migraines and Headaches? Categories of a Migraine and Things That Might Help

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A migraine is a terrible issue that can completely destroy your mood and your day. That is why we need to treat it and what better way than to use the wonders of nature.

Let’s talk statistics. A migraine hits 1 in 15 men and 1 in 5 women and around 47 million American citizens have experienced and are still coping with a migraine. The pain of a migraine is explained as a throbbing sensation that can be active for even several hours or a few days.

These are the categories of a migraine:

  • An aura Migraine – this usually happens before the migraine starts and you should see flashing lights in front of you.
  • Non-aura Migraine – you won’t see or feel anything before a migraine
  • An aura Migraine without a headache – you have probably heard about a silent migraine. Well, this is it. You can have all the symptoms of a migraine and you still won’t feel any pain in your head.

Every person who experiences a migraine goes directly for the medications, which can really harm the health and immune system. However, there is another solution and it won’t harm your body in any way!

Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed believes that you inflict another migraine or a group of headaches if you consume painkillers. You will get used to the effect of the pills and as soon as they stop working, you will be attacked by a migraine. You will be running in a circle without finding a way out of it.

Another reason to stay away from pills is that they are pretty addictive. Especially the more powerful ones that can make it very hard for you to quit them. You need to approach your migraine and treat it in a more natural way. There are some ways that you can use and we will explain five of them.

We advise you to take a break from painkillers. You need to protect your body and by swallowing pills every day, you are actually reversing the process and you are only bringing harm to it. Follow these natural approaches and you will see how much they work.

  • Banana and Ice

This is probably the most popular way of treating migraine. The Mayo Clinic claims that the best way to cure a migraine is to treat it with a change of temperature. You should put a cold compress to your forehead or put ice in a banana peel and apply it on the area for at least 15 minutes. There is a natural good amount of potassium from the banana peel and when you combine it with ice it can create a migraine relief.

  • Feverfew

Another natural way it to find this plant that has been used for a very long time against migraine attacks. You should use at least 250 mg per day and you can use it as a supplement. However, it is best to take it fresh by eating the leaves or prepare it as a nice warm tea. Another good benefit from the feverfew is that it can stop inflammation and will reduce the contractions of the blood vessels in your brain.

  • Ginger

Enjoy a migraine relief by consuming this wonderful ingredient that is probably used for around 2000 years, maybe even more. Usually, it is used to treat stomach issues, nausea, and diarrhea but you can use it to treat migraine attacks. It can be used as a powder or you can add it to your meals. Also, ginger can be found in capsules and it has anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Basil Oil

This natural oil is extracted from the plant known as Ocimum basilicum and usually, it is used to relieve stress, headaches, cramps, vomiting and digestion problems and most importantly, migraine attacks. Probably, the best way to use it is to massage it on your forehead. Also, you can put several drops of it on your hand and inhale it in order to experience migraine relief. Another option is to add a few drops to a cold water, soak a cloth in it and apply it on your forehead.

  • Butterbur

Last but not least, it is the butterbur plant. It is rich in nutrients such as isopetasin and petasin that will help you significantly to remove inflammation. Also, they will support the production of spasm. You can find the butterbur in a form of powder and capsule. Don’t over exceed the recommended dosage per day which is 50-100 mg.

By looking at these remedies, you have probably realized that you don’t have to reach for the prescriptions from the doctor. You don’t have to harm your body and inflict new pain just to treat a migraine in the first place.

Always look for the natural way of handling things and you will completely protect your body from any harm.

Isn't it fair to share?

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