Keto Diet for Beginners – 8 Steps to be Aware

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Low-carb and a high-fat diet can be a hard thing to do because it requires certain changes in your lifestyle. However, because of its difficulty, you can imagine what it can for you and your body.

A keto diet can change your life for good but you will have to keep pushing without losing any motivation.

Many people are starting to acknowledge the benefits of a keto diet and they always tend to try it. The best part of the keto diet is the phase of ketosis where your system finally burns fat instead of carbs for energy.

This diet can really help you lose that extra weight the bothers you.

However, you still need instructions and tips in order to have successful ketosis. Follow these 8 instructions and accomplish your goals faster.

Be aware of what you are eating

Make sure that you completely decrease your carbs intake. Per day, it is recommended to ingest around 25 grams of carbohydrates. Make your study about your diet, see which food contains big amounts of carbs and try to avoid it. Focus on meat and pure fats that contain carbs and avoid fruits, vegetables, beans, and foods such as chips, cookies and ice cream.

Take it slowly

You don’t have to force yourself immediately, but, you can take baby steps by making some small changes in your life. For instance, try to change fries with green veggies or have a burger on lettuce leaves. You can also substitute rice and potatoes with vegetables that have no carbs.

Learn to cook

There are hundreds of recipes out there that will certainly help you improve your cooking. Search for 5 recipes that will taste good and practice on them. Time after time, cooking will become easier and you will know what you are eating.

Include bulletproof coffee

Change your regular coffee by applying butter and coconut oil. It will improve your overall health and will make you feel more energetic and stronger.

Inform your family and friends of your decision

At times like these, you will need the full support from everyone around you. You need to let them know about your plans and maybe ask them if they can make several changes in their food routine. Anyway, you will only need around 5 months to complete this diet. No one can stop you after you get motivated and determined about starting a keto diet.

Keto Flu

There is only one side effect that will make you think twice about this diet. However, it is a minor setback that can be overlooked. The keto flu becomes active when your body looks for another source of energy. When you cut on carbs and focus on fat, you may feel exhausted. However, this doesn’t happen to everyone and it all depends on the person.

Make a schedule and choose a week where you can rest without any obligations. After this week, your body will become a fat-burning machine and you will have your energy back.

Increase your electrolytes intake

When you finally get to ketosis, your kidneys will start to eliminate water and electrolytes more than before. Include foods that will provide your body with potassium and sodium.

Make an after-plan

Even though you can finish the keto diet in half a year, you will still need to have an after-plan. You can’t go back to your normal habits because your diet will be for nothing. You will gain weight again and your struggles won’t pay off. You will still have to stay away from bread, pasta, sugar, and flour. Make sure to start exercising for best results.

Isn't it fair to share?

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