Motivation to Lose Weight in Simple Ways

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Perhaps you have ever wondered why “we” always lose motivation to lose weight?

I have a subject for you…

The two of us understand you need to stomp out all those feelings of self-awareness and feel confident within your own skin again!

We understand you’ve tried a few different diet programs and haven’t had long term success with weight loss motivation.

What is happening here?

The fast answer is that the problem is related to motivation for weight loss.

Luckily for us, this really is a solvable problem.

Once you grab the hang of it, motivation can practically happen using autopilot…

Staying motivated to lose weight is among the toughest battles to succeed in the battle for your wellbeing and happiness.

Each time you’re motivated, you’ll push mountains to achieve the things you wish. When you’re “unmotivated,” you are glued to the sofa and unable even to walk.

My mission is to help you eliminate this issue, forever, and gain motivation to lose weight in simple ways

Therefore, read carefully to the end and think about everything I write, I think it will work positively for you and you will start properly.

We must first discuss what not to do because we all learn from mistakes so let’s start with some typically common faults people make every time attempting to lose weight.

Mistake N.1 – Depending on Willpower

Willpower, or the capability to take action against instant feelings, is a restricted resource.

It works very much like a muscle. After some level of practice, your muscles stop working and will begin to fail. In the end, it’ll be impossible for you to do one more rep!

This is just how willpower performs.

Your willpower (self-control), once broken, turns weakened and causes it to be difficult to build long-term decisions.

Perhaps you have ever noticed how weak you are at the end of your working day in the case of decision-making?

It is because your willpower has been consumed.

Stuff like:

• Working a job position you don’t like
• Not having enough sleep
• Diet programs in general
• And even spending a lot of time on the computer or phone…

…weaken the willpower.

What you must do?

A very important thing anyone can do is definitely work to build habits.

Let’s say: Did anyone need to tell you to wash your face this morning?

For example, why not have breakfast in the evening?

I hope this was not difficult… So why is it so easy to do?

Because these things are a habit. Right?

Habits appear instantly and also have little related to your willpower. Like driving a vehicle to work or the supermarket, there’s very little effort in those behaviors. You know the route and you probably forget halfway through how you got there and arrived.

One of the best parts is… weight loss and eating healthy can occur just like that.

Immediately after you have the proper habits set up, making the proper decisions could be FAIRLY SIMPLE. They work on autopilot.

The basic habit you can begin with is getting the same healthy breakfast each morning.

It’s an ideal way to remind yourself each morning of your targets and get your day started on the right course. The best breakfast for my visitors is definitely rolled oats with nuts and fruit.

It takes only a few minutes for making, has no sugars, and will provide you with a good amount of energy during your day.

Planning your breakfast a healthy and automated habit will establish you 70 PERCENT before almost every other dieter out there.

Mistake N.2 – Considering Motivation is a ONETIME Thing!

Perhaps you have ever felt strongly motivated regarding something?

You are aware of that raw sense in your gut that you’re likely to complete the damn thing does not matter what it is…

The feeling that you’ll move the BUS to make it happen.

It very likely happened in one of three sources:

You talked to someone or paid attention to a person who inspired you
You saw a motivational video that moved you
You read a book or saw some inspirational saying that made you wish to change
Another little diddy is just about the COOLEST part of being here in the 21st century:

You can get these tips every day…

  • You can go out with people, friends, and family that INSPIRE you.
  • You can go on YouTube now start watching a motivational video.
  • You begin reading a life-changing book in the next few minutes.
  • That is a thing so most of us miss in our lives!

The proper motivation is all-around for you when you actively search for it.

Mistake N.3 – Lacking a support group or way to obtain EXTENDED motivation.

Remember just how your willpower gets less strong during your day?

All right, there are a few cutting corners to RENEW your willpower reserves. This will provide you with the power to overcome those situations of weakness.

The simplest way to get this done is to get in touch with other folks and share your problems.

Becoming a member of weight-loss support groups shouldn’t be underestimated.

Listed below are A few ideal methods for getting continued support and more powerful willpower:

Find a family member or friend you can confide in who shares the same problems.

Inform them about your targets and what you’re attempting to achieve. Call these people when you’re feeling poor or lack motivation. It has an amazingly strong impact and is supported by science.

Join a gym with a built-in community.

Things like CrossFit work because they have an integral community help and support program.

Try to discover a gym containing this, and help to make strong connections with other people who have similar goals.

Get assistance when in the online world.

You should follow some famous fitness people for continuous motivation and inspiration.

Should you have an Instagram, follow some fitness people you respect.

So now, that you understand the normal mistakes, let’s move to how exactly to stay motivated for losing weight…

Tips on how to Stay Motivated to lose excess weight, 7 Simple Steps

Turn off your laptop and TV.

Have you ever finished watching a couple of TV sets of episodes on Netflix and felt exhausted?

You’ve done only sat on the sofa ate snacks and drank beer, but now for reasons unknown you don’t feel like doing anything…

There’s a scientific reason behind this. The essential breakdown is:

  • Your brain can simply handle so much amazing stimulation during the day.
  • The novelty of the web and TV causes an instant OVERLOAD of the stimulation.
  • As a result, your brain feels exhausted and you are feeling “unmotivated” to do other things.

When you switch off these things for a day or two, you will see at first that you are feeling a bit annoyed, just like the noise meter on life has been turned down a bit.

You then will notice an enormous desire to complete things:

  1. Go out with friends
  2. Care for your “to-do” things
  3. Go workout

It’s not that Television and the Internet are bad stuff, it’s that they can be a HEAVY drain onto your capability to stay motivated and get stuff done.

By reducing these kinds of stuff down to one hour or less each day, you will instantly notice more inspiration in your life.

If you’re really battling, look at a fast from them. It could seem extreme, however, the benefits will shock you.

There are about Six billion various ways to diet and exercise:

  • Pilates
  • Kayaking
  • Weight Lifting
  • Crossfit
  • Biking
  • Boxing
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Prancercising

There are a wide variety of diets that all those carry their own virtues for different reasons: Vegetarian, Vegan, IFFYM, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Paleo

Our goal here isn’t to pigeon hole you down among these routes, but to assist your motivation on how to lose weight.

Simply because who needs another thing when you’ve got your thing?

Join a community.

You will be the sum of the five people you surround yourself most with.

Really, this is not only some worthless statement. Check around at those Five people you’re around the most and analyze them.

I guarantee their lives mirror yours: salary, styles, happiness, etc.

The purpose?

The persons you surround yourself with the matter.

They matter considerably more than you could ever imagine.

The truth is, a few of the most current scientific research has demonstrated that in times of weakness, having a solid community could keep you on track and can replenish your willpower reserves, and for our goal to increase the motivation to lose weight this is the perfect moment.

We all have moments we are feeling weak and wish to falter.

Nevertheless, speaking to a pal or support group will short-circuit these emotions and give you an instant burst of motivation to FIGHT.

So simply having some support you may call on is a very important resource. Have somebody or group you can confide in and you could call throughout your times to be tempted.

Get results EASILY.

Do you understand what’s not motivating?

Losing only one pound weekly while eating just like a rabbit.

It’s total crap, however, the diet plan promotes it as the “smart” method to lose weight.

Specifically, when science tells us that losing weight fast leads to extra success in both, short term and the long term.

Find a plan that gets you effects SHORT and does not waste any time getting you what you need.

It’s a lot more motiving viewing the level drop one pound a day for your first seven days.

Motivation fades. Habits stay.
Habits trump motivation in the fight for action.

Just how?

Because habits aren’t founded on feelings.

When you’re doing a habit, you will feel nearly indifferent about any of it. Like washing your face or going to the supermarket. It’s simply a thing that you do, not what to think about it and when to do it.

The best thing about habits is that don’t remove any willpower.

Both bad and the good, once set up (takes around one to two months), habits are very difficult to destroy.

Get started with something simple. My suggestion is a healthy breakfast. Keep it clean, simple, and eat a really healthy breakfast each day. Something like basic oatmeal with cinnamon and nuts in it.

If it is possible to establish this habit, you’ll also realize that building other healthy decisions can be easier because of this. This is because habits build on each other.

Set up a different relationship with all your food. Sort of the reverse here – but let’s think on the subject of what foods make you break.

Fast food, cookies, cakes, pizza, and sodas, right?

It’s not the meals group though that’s addicting, it’s two elements:

See our amazing content about What to Eat to Speed Up the Weight Loss Process

Flour and Sugar.

They are definitely the same two ingredients for everyone.

There’s a reason for this.

They are the foods that trigger the highest insulin and dopamine spikes in the human brain. These types of spikes are as great (sometimes greater) than drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Sound far-fetched? It’s not really. In fact, rats given the choice between the two prefer sugars over drugs (research). These food types have a more strong pull than you may imagine…

Begin a fresh relationship with these food types!

Definitely a mirror on the wall

Mirrors play techniques on our minds.

I will not dive extremely into this, but do you remember when you began to gain weight?

Did you start to see the slight level of weight gain every single day, month after month?

Not really.

it happened shockingly when someday you looked up and became aware you were 10 pounds overweight. Why did you not really see this before that moment?

Because we don’t see slight transformations in the mirror if we see ourselves every single day.

More notably, exactly the same thing happens when you begin to lose weight. You don’t see your progress. You are feeling like a failing seeing “no progress,” which feels enables you to very vulnerable to breaking your diet.


Here are the points you need to depend on instead:

  • Consider and record measurements of your stomach, thighs, hips, and arms.
  • Weigh yourself.

Both of these things, mixed, can help you overcome the mirror effect.

When losing weight, you will see that sometimes the inches go down as well as your weight drops. Sometimes, your weight will continue to be the same, but inches will be less.

You need both to remain motivated to lose weight.

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