How to Stay in Shape While Travelling

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Traveling means abandoning work-outs and eating what is available usually unhealthy. We tend to splurge in local delicacies and in wants to explore new cuisine we end up eating more or unhealthy.

However, there are some tips that we have compiled here for you that will help you in remain in shape while you are traveling:

  1. King-Size Healthy Breakfast

This is definitely old talk and tip but eating healthy in the morning has a huge impact on our body metabolism. Most hotels offer free breakfast with the stay so just enjoy the free meal. Pick eggs, milk, cereals, fruits, etc. all of them will help you stay full for a longer time.

  1. Have a Probiotic or Yogurt

Probiotics comprise of good bacteria which help to keep your digestive system healthy. Probiotics are easily found in stores but you still find it difficult then just go for yogurt. Try to look for plain yogurts because the flavored ones will be loaded with sugar. Having one of these help in keeping bloating at bay and also safeguards you from any stomach related problems.

  1. Snack on Granola Bars

Snack on granola bars in between your meals if you are hungry. If you have your own recipe which you make at home, then it would be great if you bought your bars. However, you can ask for granola bars from local stores of the place that you are visiting.

  1. Drink Water

Water is the best liquid to consume. Stay away from canned drinks, sodas or coldrinks. They are loaded with calories and your weight gain will gain very soon with these drinks. Water keeps you hydrated and also keeps you full.

  1. Walk Around

Even if it is a business trip you definitely have some time for yourself. Walk around to explore the city. If there are beaches then go for morning or evening walks. The sunrise and sunset are worth seeing in the beaches. Explore the natural beauty while burning some calories.

  1. Use the Stairs

Dump the elevator and use the stairs. This is if you have indulged in a mouth-watering dessert earlier you can burn some calories and maintain your health. This way you won’t be gaining extra pounds and stay healthy.

  1. Have Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and wonderful refreshment too. It aids in weight loss and keep your body metabolism high. Swap regular tea or coffee with green tea. If you are already using at home you can just carry some green tea bags with you. You can even request the hotel you are staying at to give you green tea instead of other beverages.

  1. Read the Description of the Food that You are Ordering

Even fresh fruit bowls have oodles of chocolate and cream loaded in them. Read the description to see what you are ordering. You can request them to skip the extra topping. This way you will know you are not eating anything unhealthy.

Follow these tips to make travelling fun and healthy.

Isn't it fair to share?

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