How To Build Muscles Without Hitting The Gym

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A good physique is important for both boys and girls. Regular exercise not only helps you look good but also keeps you fit. It elevates your confidence levels and makes you stand out from the rest.

However many people think that exercise and muscle building can only be done in the gym. That’s not really true. You can build muscles without hitting the gym and using weights.

There are many books guides, online video tutorials which explain how one can build strong muscles and ultimately a great looking physique by following some simple exercises which can easily be done at home.

No need to spend a lot of money on the gym and personal trainers because here we have listed some of the most effective exercises which you can add to your everyday routine and can build strong lean muscles by spending just a few minutes every day.


Push is considered to be an ultimate exercise. It has numerous benefits. Push-ups target a number of muscles at once including muscles of triceps, shoulders, and chest. Thus performing push-ups every day can be extremely beneficial.

There are many variations of pushup from diamond push-ups to wide arms push-ups and regular push-ups. Start with regular push-ups and as you gain strength to switch to more complex diamond push-ups. Elevated leg push-ups are also great, but it requires a lot of strength.

You can keep doing as many push-ups as you can. Stop once you started feeling pain.


You can perform pull-ups and can build your shoulders and back. Start with a fully stretched hands and arms extended at shoulders width; now lift your body as much as you can. You can even pause for three to five seconds while at the top of the bar. In the beginning, try to do at least 10 repetitions and only increase when you have mastered it.

Pull-ups is not an easy task and requires a lot of arms strength. If you are unable to perform it, try negative pull-ups. This is just opposite all you have to do it take help of something to reach the top of the bar now lower yourself slowly until your hands are fully stretched.


Another simple but effective exercise that can be done at home is dips. For dips, you should use two chairs or a dip bar whichever available. Dips are very effective as you lift your entire body weight. Use full extension when performing a dip. If you find it difficult, take the help of your friend to lift your leg this makes it much easier.


Squats targets all the muscles in the legs and hips and thus is a great way to gain lower body strength. Start with regular squats. Once you are able to do at least 25 consecutive repetitions without any difficulty progress to the more complex one-legged squats.

Always maintain proper body postures in all exercises. This will prevent any forms of muscle injuries. Start exercising today for a better version of yourself.

Isn't it fair to share?

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