How Strength Training Affects Our Health

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There are numerous exercise regimes that you can take a look at, but we believe that strength training can improve your overall performance and health status the best.

It comes with numerous advantages, starting from improved mood, boosted energy and preventing diseases. Strength training for beginners can change the life of any person and we advise you to take a good look at its program.

According to a new study about strength training that was published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the first benefit comes at women.

Strength training can reduce the risk for women to get Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis.

The study was committed to 36,000 women for a time frame of 14 years at the Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health. It consisted of questionnaires on those women who helped in the study.

These 36,000 women were ranging from 47 to 98 years of age. They gave statements about their physical activity and the status of their health.

The study says that during the strength training, those who do it improved the strength and health of the muscle and bones, which reduced the risk of getting osteoporosis disease. Some of them complained of knee pain or back pain.

They created categories such as age, food regime and physical activity and made a comparison between those who exercise and those who don’t. It turns out that the women who were doing strength training were:

  • not smokers
  • Shown to have a 17% lower risk of getting cardiovascular disease and 30% lower risk of getting a Type 2 diabetes
  • probably under a healthy diet
  • shown to have a lower BMI
  • shown to have lower risks of getting a heart disease
  • shown to have stronger and healthier bones, lowering the risks of getting osteoporosis
  • happier and less stressed

Furthermore, the study shows that you can actually improve your mood by doing strength training. This can help you cope with depression and anxiety.

The improved mood comes after you work out even for half an hour and after your body releases endorphins. This can fight and beat depression.

Also, if you do a high-intensity strength training, at least for 3 days per week, it will be more effective if you are suffering from depression or anxiety. Plus, by increasing the intensity of your training, your previous level will be easier for you.

A personal trainer from Northampton, Massachusetts, Kelly Coffey started strength training after she was diagnosed with depression.

Kelly claimed that she pushed herself and got through every obstacle in her way. It boosted up her confidence, improved her health and made her proud of how she looks.

This should prove you that strength training can beat depression or any kind of mental disorder.

Osteoporosis exercises with resistance bands

They are not expensive and can help you not go to a gym if you want to stay and exercise at home. They can really help you with and knee pain issues and will reduce the risk of getting a bone disease such as osteoporosis.

It is a great substitute for an osteoporosis treatment that will stop you from completely emptying your pocket.

Also, the resistance bands will improve your endurance and flexibility. You can even change the usual type of exercise with pushups, by getting resistance bands and doing arm curls and pushups.

However, you should keep in mind not to start too hard. Choose an easier challenge and work your way through something harder. Make a research about osteoporosis exercises and choose your own regime that suits you the best.

This means that you can do strength training at home where you are the most comfortable.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that come from strength training. You just need to remember your goals and never give up. Stay strong and you will get there.

Repeat to yourself why you started strength training in the first place and keep going until you are completely satisfied with yourself.

Isn't it fair to share?

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