How Physical Activity Decrease the Risk of Death

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Lately, it is strange how deadly heart disease has become. It is the main cause of death and the population is suffering significantly. For example, in America, on average per one year, around half a million people have their first heart attack. There are many reasons for a heart attack to occur and it is all connected to how your body is protected.

We will cover several ways of protecting your heart and its health.

  • Exercise

According to the numerous studies about the heart diseases, the chances of a heart failure are increased if the person isn’t physically active. It isn’t that important how old you are when you start exercising, it is vital that you start. Aside from protecting your heart, you will improve your overall health and you will be physically stronger.

Even if your schedule is full, try to exercise at least 30 minutes and at least 4-5 times per week. It is better to exercise at least 30 minutes than not at all. Also, it is estimated that exercising can be a better medication than all the prescriptions given by your doctor. According to the study, there are no big differences between exercising and the medication that you buy.

This means that you need to get out of your comfort zone and go outside to do something pretty important. Change your lifestyle and keep your body healthy. It will pay off in the end.

  • Physical activity after the first heart attack decreases the risk of death

After a person gets his first heart attack, he believes that he needs to rest. Well, that is the most terrible thing that you can do to your body. In the ‘70s, the doctors advised the patients to completely rest and to avoid exercising in order to decrease the chance of getting another heart attack.

Fortunately, this has changed and many studies were conducted afterward. It is actually quite simple, the more you exercise the more you prepare your body for future inconveniences.

The associate professor at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences in Stockholm, Dr. Orjan Ekblom claimed that he studied the reasons of getting a heart attack and he claimed that the people who are more physically active have smaller chances of getting a strike from a heart attack.

He also claimed that the patient should start exercising after his first heart attack in order to reduce the risk of death. Dr. Ekblom also realized that the doctors need to start prescribing exercise more, instead of various medication that can harm the body.

Every person who suffered heart attack needs to open his eyes and realize what needs to be done. Those who are still healthy, continue with your exercise in order to avoid any heart issues. For the smokers, try to quit smoking before it is too late.

  • Three reasons for a heart attack

According to the study of heart attacks, there are three reasons that one can occur.

  1. Autonomic nervous system imbalance – this occurs when you suppress your parasympathetic nervous system activity, or the “rest and digest” functions of your body. This factor can be inflicted by insomnia, stress, panic, diabetes, smoking and drinking, high-sugar diets and high blood pressure. Aside from the issue of getting a heart attack, these factors are harming the overall health of your system.
  2. Reduced microcirculation to your heart – usually, people think that blood flow to your heart is restricted to only the coronary artery. Actually, the human being has a group of small blood vessels, capillaries, that take blood directly into the heart. The worst thing that can happen is for one of the main arteries to get clogged, then, the body will automatically spread new blood vessels in order to replace the reduced flow. This is the natural bypass of your body.

Your body has its own way of working and bringing blood to your heart is a job that can’t be mistaken. This means that you need to work on the health of your capillary network and the chances of getting a heart attack will be significantly reduced.

  1. Lactic acid buildup because of impaired mitochondrial function – this can inflict pain and cramps in your heart and when this happens, it is known as angina. The build-up of lactic acid also decreases the process of blood flow and can make the tissue toxic. For example, when you experience a cramp in your leg, you immediately stop moving it. This lets a part of the lactic acid to drain off.

Of course, your heart can’t just stop, but if the lactic acid builds up, it will stop the calcium to get to your heart which stops your heart from contracting. As this process continues, the tissue becomes necrotic which leads to a heart attack.

All in all, we need to protect our body. Our body is our home and we need to keep it clean. Avoid smoking and drinking, high-sugar and low-fat diet and most importantly, exercise. Being physically inactive is the worst thing that you can do to your body!

Isn't it fair to share?

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