How Parents Ruined Your Relationship with Food

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Our parents shape up a significant part of our personality and they are to blame or thank for a large part of who we are. That also includes our relationship with food and our habits related to nutrition.

So, if you having problems with so-called emotional eating, perhaps it is because your parents ruined the relationship you had with food. Here are several tips and explanations related to the issue.

They Failed to Teach You to Deal with Your Emotions

You’ve just had a terrible day at work or you got into a fight with your partner. Either way, your instinctive reaction is to order an entire pizza or eat an entire box of ice cream. The core reason for that might be that parents failed to teach you how to deal with your emotions.

Instead of eating a ton of food, why do not consider calling a friend and talk about the issue bothering you or simply writing down everything into a journal?

Banning Certain Types of Foods

The truth is that some foods are healthier than the others, but no food should be banned for any person. Think of it like this – you are a child that wants a glass of soda, but your parents warn you that it will make you fat or have a “bad” effect on your health.

While they may have a point, this will only lead to you thinking about soda more and more. As a result, you may be hiding but drinking gallons of soda and you might continue doing so when you grow up. The key point to take here is that parents should teach their children about moderation.

Everything is allowed as long as you maintain portion control.

They Said You Were Fat

Parents should love their children no matter what. In some cases, a kid might have some excess pounds and look a bit overweight, but you shouldn’t use every opportunity to rub their nose with it.

Instead, the objective that the parents should strive for is to promote an environment in which the children will feel positive about their bodies, but also about diet. They should let them know that no matter how they look they are beautiful. However, they should also try to teach them about the importance of proper nutrition.

They Failed to Set the Right Example

Apart from listening to what parents are saying, children also observe what they are doing. It does not worth much if you talk about the importance of a diet while eating three donuts every day. Parents need to be ready to lead their children with an example and stick to their own set of rules.

Here are some other ways how parents ruined your relationship with food. You should make sure not to do the same with your children:

  • Do not use food as punishment or reward
  • Families should have at least one meal together per week. Also, everyone should unplug their phones and other gadgets while eating

Do not force children to eat at a particular time or a specific food they do not like

Isn't it fair to share?

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