How Much Water We Need Per Day

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Water is surely more essential than anything else. The bodies of human beings are created with a concept of surviving longer without any food, but without water, we get dehydrated leading to certain death.

This should tell you how important water is. There are thousands of ingredients that are created to keep our body healthy, but the most important natural ingredient you need is water.

Keeping your body hydrated is the best thing you can do and it will come with a lot of advantages.

When we drink enough water we boost our metabolism, also drinking more water cleanse our body from waste, stops retaining water and all this leads to losing weight and burn fats.

However, the real question comes when you start thinking about how much water you need in order to keep your body hydrated. You can calculate how much to drink and we want to advise you to do your best and stick to that regime.

With the help of water, we control every function of our body. That said, when you are dehydrated, your organs won’t work properly. Also, by controlling how much water you drink, you will control the temperature of your body.

Just by looking, you can tell if someone is dehydrated. You will see dry and pale skin, dry mouth and exhaustion. By keeping a good amount of water in your body, you will get rid of the waste through sweat, urine and your bowel movement.

What can happen by not drinking enough water?

Well, dehydration is the worst thing. By not getting enough fluids in your body, you will start to lose electrolytes which are essential for you. Being thirsty is a terrible feeling and it is just a sign from your body to fuel it with water.

To give you a better image of how bad dehydration can be, just imagine constipation, confusion, and shock at the same time.

If that happens to anyone, that person needs to be taken to a hospital immediately for a long medical treatment. Also, you will be in danger to get kidney stones.

Keep in mind not to drink too much water because you can dilute your electrolytes. The real problem comes when you decrease the level of sodium. By doing so, it will result in a medical issue known as hyponatremia (nausea, mood swings, seizures, and the worst, coma.) It is very rare, but you should always take care about the amount of water that you drink.

How to calculate how much you should drink

Weight – it is scientifically proven that you need to drink water according to the size of the body. A person with 150lbs and a person with 200lbs can’t drink the same amount of water.

By multiplying – you should multiply your weight by 2/3 and the result needs to be turned into ounces.

It will probably be a big number, but you should try and stick around that amount.

It depends on how active you are – if you don’t exercise, you won’t sweat. If you do, well, let’s say that you need a little bit more water than the average person. A good calculation is to add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of exercise.

This means that if the length of your exercise is 1 hour, you will need to add 4 glasses of water.

How to stick to the routine

If you are not a fan of water, it will be strange for you to drink that huge amount of it, which is probably more than 100 ounces. Well, it is pretty easy. Try to carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go.

Also, it is very good for your health to drink at least 2 glasses of water as soon as you get up in the morning. It will refresh you and will give you a good start to your day.

If you don’t like to drink only water you can always try to add a flavor to it. Make it tastier and you will like it even more. Adding an extract to the water is not harmful to your health and it won’t mess with your immune system or diet in any way possible.

All in all, maybe you should get rid off the Coca-Cola and focus more on drinking water. Find a good routine for you and try to stick to it. It will surely pay off in the end and your body will be appreciating it.

As a reward, you will become more fresh, energetic and dynamic.

Especially if you are keto dieting, drinking water will be extremely good for your diet and it might speed up the whole process of losing weight. The keto diet requires you to keep your body constantly filled with fluids.

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Follow our tips and try to be hydrated every day of your life. Never leave your home without water and you will be completely fine.

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