Most experts agree that when losing weight, the safe weight to reduce over a week is a maximum of between half and one kilogram.

However, what weight is healthy and real to lose in a month?

When you first start a weight loss diet, you usually lose more than the recommended 0.5-1kg. per week, but that weight is almost never fat burned, but it is about getting rid of excess water in the body. The reason for this is the decrease in sodium intake and the elimination of processed foods from the diet containing added sugars.

Some nutritionist patients lose up to 2-5kg. in the first week of a low carbohydrate and calorie intake diet, and the process slows down later. The results are always improved if a new (healthy) diet is added to exercise that accelerates weight loss.

Experts point out that each time the desired weight reduction is filled with a plateau and it is quite normal. They also recommend focusing on “victories” that are not related to a smaller number of scales, such as re-entering clothing that is too narrow (achieved by reducing volume), lifting more weight in the gym, etc. the purpose is to maintain the motivation during such a plateau, ie to stagnate in the process of weakening.

Stagnation occurs most often when the body needs some change. As it gets used to lower food intake, metabolism adapts to function more efficiently – meaning that the body will perform certain functions with less energy consumption, burning fewer calories than before.

To change this, it is necessary to add some activity that the body is not used to (new exercise or changing the intensity or weight of the existing workout, etc.), and not further limit calorie intake, as this it can have the opposite effect – getting the body into a starvation phase and storing whatever is in it.

As for how many pounds it is desirable to lose per month, there is no final, “magic” figure, as it depends on person to person. Also, if exercised at the same time, that figure may not change even though fat is melted, as muscle tissue is heavier than fat.

What is important is that the process is not forced and within the recommended range and that the weight loss is sustained for a longer period of time, in order to avoid the so-called yo-yo effect that occurs when the weight loss is too fast and when the weight is lost they come back, plus extra weight.