How Much Weight Should You Lose in a Month?

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Nowadays, we do not have much availability for approaches that require discipline and, in particular, patience. Therefore, most of the time, when it comes to choosing a weight loss program, interest goes primarily to the numbers: how many pounds and for how long, so we ask always the same question: how much weight should you lose in a month.

Nowadays, almost everything happens with speed. Information and services are just a click away, we have the Internet, high-performance operating systems, countless software and applications, which facilitate access to what we want.

Therefore, it is no wonder that we used to expect to do everything in a hurry. As fast as possible. Without entering into an extremely complex discussion, it is very clear to us that in the matter of weight loss, it is proving to be a harmful way of thinking.


5, 10, 20. We tend to focus on methods that promise to get rid of as many extra pounds as possible. In principle, if the promise sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That is, some draconian diets can cause dramatic weight loss.

But it is a soap bubble, because they will starve you and frustrate you to the maximum, and even worse, they will leave you with unhealthy habits, which will immediately restore the lost weight, even with unwanted excess. Therefore, it is better to stay away from this scenario.


And yet, how far should the waiting horizon extend? How long does it take to lose 10 pounds safely and in the long run? How much weight should you lose in a month but with a balanced and well-developed weight loss plan?

It is a term that is most often considered in such cases – usually, we take care of the figure about a month before an event we would like to look flawless: a sunny beach holiday that you have been dreaming of for a long time. weather, wedding, meeting with former colleagues from school or college, etc.

Well, to answer these questions, we need to do some calculations. According to experts, “melting” 450-500 grams of body fat is equivalent to consuming about 3,500 calories.

Therefore, if you create a deficit of 1,000 calories a day, you will be able to lose about a pound a week. In a step, you can estimate a minus of 4-5 pounds in a month.

MEASURES TO BE TAKEN AND LEARN How Much Weight Should You Lose in a Month

how much weight should you lose in a month

How can you impose this rate of weight loss? Again, doing a series of calculations. First, you need to evaluate your current average calorie intake by keeping a food diary for a few days. An app on your phone, such as MyFitnessPal, can be very helpful in this regard, especially if you have not done so before.

Once you have completed this essential step, you will need to start reducing the calories you normally consume, without overdoing it.

The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends extreme caution in this regard, stating that to avoid risks, women should never eat less than 1,200 calories a day and men – less than 1,800 calories a day.

If weight loss is caused by severe dietary restriction without exercise – at least 200 calories burned through exercise – you will lose a lot of muscle mass and your metabolism will gradually drop to a point of blockage called the plateau.


At first glance, a deficit of 1,000 calories a day may seem difficult to achieve. Take a closer look at the food diary and you will notice that if you leave butter and sausages for breakfast, a few slices of bread during meals, juices, and sweets in between, this goal suddenly becomes much more accessible If you get up to 800 calories from small menu changes, it will not be difficult to make up for the rest with movement.

Moderate exercise five to six times a week is ideal for this. It speeds up the burning of calories, but it does not exhaust you and does not make you hungry like a wolf.

To get an idea of ​​the contribution of sports to calorie consumption, here are some examples, valid for a person who weighs 65-70 kg:

  • Running after a treadmill for 20 minutes at a speed of 9 km / h = 229 calories
  • Exercise with an elliptical bike 30 minutes: 179 calories
  • Recreational swimming 30 minutes: 189 calories
  • Kickboxing 30 minutes: 357 calories

If you lose weight all at once – more than 5 kg in a month – it will be very difficult for you to maintain the results, because you have probably resorted to unhealthy behavior to get them, which harms your metabolism.


Many people who manage to lose weight, after dieting gain weight in a relatively short period of time. Why?

Because our body tends to return to the weight it considers normal, ie the weight before the weight loss process.

Therefore, you do not have to relax the strictness of the food for at least another six months to maintain the new number of kilograms, with minimum fluctuations of 1-2 kilograms, from one month to another.

Only after this period of stabilization, the body’s memory will be reset and it is considered that this weight is appropriate for the state of normalcy.

Maintenance is a very important step in the race for the new silhouette. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves.

Isn't it fair to share?

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