Getting into Keto Diet – Explanation and Benefits

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Even in the first week since you start the keto diet, you will have to change some things about your life. Your body will start to change and to give you signs.

If you do the whole diet right, you can expect successful results even in the first month. Aside from the fact that your body will burn fat more significantly, you should expect your health to improve too.

The best stage about the keto diet is the ketosis. It is the time when you finally teach your body to take the fat and use it as energy, instead of the carbs. To get into the science a little bit more, your body will transform the fat into ketones which are the main source of fuel for your body.

  • Three kinds of ketones

Acetoacetate – the first group of ketones is created from the fatty acids and it is transformed into Acetone (because of these ketones you might get bad breath, especially in the morning) or Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid (BHB) (created from the acetoacetate and we consider it as a ketone during the keto diet.)

  • Why we need ketones

You probably wondered why the human beings can go on for weeks without any food. Well, it is because our bodies are made to use our fat for energy in order to keep going for several days. If you don’t eat for several days, the glycogen stores of your body will get used up and your body will search for another source of energy – ketones.

If you want to check the levels of the ketones in your body, you can do it with the help of:

Urine Stripes ­– they are pretty cheap and they will let you know if your level of ketones is high or low. However, they are not that reliable because they are checking out the level of ketones that is going out of your body. This means that every time you check the level of ketones, it will probably give you a different result. All in all, they will tell you if your body is producing ketones, but you won’t be able to know if you are in the stage of ketosis.

  • Blood Glucose Meter – a little bit more expensive than the urine stripes, but it is more reliable because it will let you know the level of ketones from your blood.

The most frequently asked question from the people who started the keto diet is – How much time will I need to finally get to ketosis? Well, that depends on each person because everybody reacts differently. You just need to do the diet the right way and be patient. Follow the regime and try to get out of your comfort zone. When you get used to that way of living, everything will be easier and brighter for you.

  • What will you gain from ketosis

Improved focus and energy – after you get used to the low amount of carbs in your body, you will be finally burning fat. By burning fat, your body will produce more energy for you. Also, your mental focus will improve because you will change the fuel for your brain.

Improved physical endurance – during the ketosis, your body won’t bother with its glycogen stores. This means that you will become more dynamic, energetic, and if you work out, you will be able to endure longer training.

Ketosis can help with diseases such as Epilepsy and Cancer – according to some studies, it was proven that the ketogenic diet can help those who suffer from epilepsy. As for the people who suffer from cancer, there is a chance that cancer stops growing because it won’t be feeding on sugar. Most likely, the cancer cells will die and cancer will be cured more easily. After all, with the help of the keto diet, you will be preventing it from happening in the first place.

Recommended Ketosis – it is estimated that the optimal ketosis should be around 1.5-3mmol/l. The worst thing that can happen, which almost never happens, is to get ketoacidosis. This occurs when your ketones levels jump up to 10+mmol/l. You surely don’t have to worry, but if you have your doubts, consult your doctor immediately. Go with the regular keto diet without any extreme acts and you will be fine throughout the whole process.

Have hope, remind yourself why you have started the diet and stay strong until you see results. Trust us, there will be results! Just stick to the proper way of keto-dieting and you will be good to go.

Isn't it fair to share?

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