Exercise for Breast Tightening After Weight Loss

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Saggy breasts are a normal occurrence after weight loss, however, many women feel insecure due to their appearance.

The fact is that breast tissue cannot be fully restored to its original state, however, you can still improve the appearance of your breasts. A combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and some other tricks will do the trick.

Practice exercises for your entire body

For firm breasts, you need to practice exercises for that muscle group. However, since breasts generally consist of adipose tissue and glands, they are one of the body parts that cannot be lifted.

Still, in order to improve their appearance, it is important that you practice exercises for the muscles around your chest. You need to activate the entire upper body to improve your posture and the appearance of your breasts.

Body posture

The proper, straight posture of your body will make you look better, but more importantly – it prevents the breast from dropping. The proper body posture helps in proper weight distribution and even prevents chest and back pain.

Always stand and move with your head up and an inward movement of the abdomen, and move your shoulders slightly back. If you have difficulties finding the right position, imagine standing with your back next to a wall.

The bra is important

A quality bra should hold your breasts and reduce the strain on them. The bra should be tight enough to reduce chest movement, however, it should not squeeze any part. When you are active, make sure you wear a sports bra.

However, you do not have to wear it constantly, because some studies have shown that this can have the opposite effect. Allegedly, by constantly wearing a bra, the muscles become weaker, which can result in saggy breasts.

Proper nutrition and a healthy weight

Maybe you will not improve the condition of your breasts only with your diet, however, when you eat healthy you will avoid sudden weight changes, which can further damage the breast tissue.

Healthy fat, such as fat contained in fish, nuts or avocados, can improve the condition of your skin, and thus the appearance of your breasts. Of course, make sure you drink plenty of water to improve skin elasticity.


Breast massage improves circulation and strengthens their tissue. It is best to massage your breasts every day for about 10 minutes, by moving your fingers downwards.

You can also use various oils, depending on your skin. Olive oil is a great source of antioxidants, and it simultaneously improves the texture and elasticity of the skin.

Forget about cigarettes

We know that smoking accelerates the aging process, and smoke reduces the elasticity of tissues. In addition, smoking is also related to the destruction of collagen and elastin, it deteriorates blood flow and slows down the release of oxygen and nutrients to cells.

Chest exercises

In addition to all tips, breast exercises are also important. According to most fitness experts, the following three exercises are best.

Bench press

This exercise increases the muscle mass of the breasts, thereby making them look bigger.

– Lie on a bench with weights in your hands. Bend your elbows at a right angle and hold your hands parallel to the floor.

– Lift the weights and stay in this position for a few seconds.

– Lower the weights by bending your elbows to return to the initial position.

– Make 3-5 sets with 12-15 repetitions.


Push-ups are one of the most popular exercises for the upper body, mostly focused on chest muscles.

– Stand in a plank position and place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. The body should be in a straight line.

– Slowly bend your elbows and try to touch the floor with your chest.

– Return to the initial position.

– Make 3-5 sets with 12-15 repetitions.


This exercise is excellent for stretching the chest muscles, improving the body posture and strengthening the muscles of the upper body. You can also do the exercise on a fitness ball in order to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

– Lie on a bench or a ball and place your feet on the floor, and take one weight in each hand.

– Lift your arms and slightly bend your elbows, holding the weights over your chest. This is the initial position.

– Breathe in and slowly spread your arms to the side, until they are parallel to the floor. At this point, you should feel a stretch in the region of your chest and shoulders.

– Exhale and return to the initial position.

– Make 3-5 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

Isn't it fair to share?

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