How to Lose Face Fat Fast and Effectively

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Putting on extra fat on your face comes naturally with the extra weight that you gain. This naturally makes you look chubby. However, there are certain strategies you need to follow and learn how to lose face fat effectively.

At times exercise and diet help in slimming down our body, but our face continues to stay chubby. And many people are trying to find a way to lose fat in the face and neck.

I give you an idea and steps to read carefully to first be aware of what you need to do and then take a step to learn how to lose your face fat.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

At times our face tends to look chubby because it is bloated and puffy. When you stay hydrated, your body doesn’t retain extra fluid. Drinking enough water as recommended by the health professionals helps to keep water retention at bay.

Studies also suggest that water can cause you to feel full and increase weight loss.

Drinking water also improves overall health and increases the body’s metabolism by up to 24%. This helps in losing overall body weight face fat of course and your face will have a few more benefits with staying hydrated like a perfect and clear skin face.

Keep in mind that you must do facial exercises during the losing face fat process to not ended with saggy skin on your face, so read below some facial exercises.

how to lose face fat

Get More Sleep

Depriving your body of sleep is an open invitation to a long list of conditions including weight gain. When we don’t get enough sleep, our body is stressed, and this causes the hormone cortisol to be released.

Cortisol brings along its myriad of problems and one of them is obesity. Less sleep also causes our face to bloat and look puffy. Therefore at least 7-8 hours of sleep can help you lose weight including the fat from your face.

Studies have shown that high levels of cortisol can increase appetite and alter metabolism, resulting in increased fat storage. Ideally, the goal is to sleep at least eight hours a night to help control weight and lose facial fat.

Limit Alcohol

One of the biggest causes of facial fat is alcohol. When alcohol consumed regularly, it causes weight gain because it is high in calories. It also doesn’t provide any extra nutrients to our body.

It also acts as a diuretic and can cause fluid retention, leading to a higher risk of bloating and swelling on the face. Limiting alcohol consumption is the best way to control bloating and weight gain caused by alcohol.

Watch Your Sodium Intake

Sodium has an immense capacity to hold water in your body. When the body stores water then our face is not an exception. Processed food also account for high sodium.

If you are looking forward to losing weight or following a healthy diet plan then processed food should not be a part of your diet.

Reduce your sodium intake, and soon your body and face will appear slimmer

Add Cardio to Your Exercises

Most times the cause of a chubby face is excessive fat. This is because your scales measure more than what your actual BMI should.

Losing weight in a healthy way can get rid of facial fat as well.

Cardio is known to promote fat burning more than what regular exercises can do. Studies show if people do cardio exercises for at least 30 minutes a day they increase their chances of rapid weight loss.

Reduce refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates like cookies, crackers, and pasta are common culprits for weight gain and increased fat storage. Because they contain very little fiber, they are digested quickly, leading to a sharp rise and fall in blood sugar levels and a higher risk of overeating.

Although no study has directly looked at the effects of refined carbohydrates on facial fat, replace them with whole grains that can help increase overall weight loss and can also help with facial fat loss.

Do Facial Exercises

Doing facial exercises for just 5 to 7 minutes a day helps in carving your cheeks. Facial exercises tone your muscles and give your face a slimmer look.

Some of them can be done even when you are driving – for instance puffing your cheeks with air and holding it or moving them side to side.

Then there is the pouting exercise, and many more such exercises are available on the internet which you can follow. You can also try chewing sugar-free gum.

Ejecting your cheeks and pushing air from one side to the other, wrinkling your lips on alternating sides and holding a smile as you grit your teeth for a few seconds.

Facial exercises are usually used to reduce the amount of fat in the face. Although research is limited, one study showed that performing facial muscle exercises improves muscle strengthening and facial rejuvenation.

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