Eat Well and Lose Weight in a Healthy Way – Cabbage Broth Diet Recipe

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Cabbage is being used from a lot of people around the world to treat many conditions and health issues, such as: arthritis, gout, constipation, weight loss, obesity, headaches, different skin issues, jaundice, eczema, eye disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, scurvy, stomach ulcer and many other problems.

Cabbage is rich in potassium, so it can successfully prevent potassium deficiency. It will help you reduce cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.

It supports your heart and it stimulates the detoxification of the liver. It is also amazing for balancing the blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, reducing the size of a tumor, boosting the immune system, etc.

Cabbage can even kill the cancer cells and prevent cancer.

A study published by the Western Journal of Medicine shoes that cabbage juice can really improve the condition of duodenal and gastric ulcer patients.

It is a great source of fiber, which makes it one of the best foods for the stomach and treating stomach ulcers. It is also full of antioxidants and it will boost up the function of your brain, protect you from many types of cancer and reduce the inflammation.

Cabbage also contains glucosinolates.

They are compounds based on sulfur and have anti-cancer effects. When they are being into our body, they become isothiocyanates and can successfully stop the cancer cells growth.

One cup of cooked cabbage has only 33 calories, so it is perfect if you want to lose some weight. There is a recipe for making a cabbage broth, which will help you lose weight in a quick and healthy way.

To prepare the broth you will need the following ingredients:

  • – Cabbage
  • – Carrots
  • – Onion
  • – Brocolli
  • – Vegetables by choice

Its preparation is very simple. Just chop the onion and the carrots, then shred the cabbage and cut the broccoli. Pour some water in a pot and once it starts to boil, add all of the mentioned ingredients.

You should use half a heat of cabbage for this broth. Cook this mixture for a couple of minutes and add salt to taste at the end.

Your tasty broth is ready for you to enjoy it.

Isn't it fair to share?

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