Easy Way to Cut Down on Sugar in Your Diet

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Excessive intake of sugar is dangerous and lead to several conditions and diseases such as diabetes, chronic inflammation, weight gain, etc.

Refined sugars are the main cause of health problems. It is best that we avoid excessive intake of sugar.

Sugar comes disguised in different forms, and it is best that you avoid consuming them.

Here are some easy ways on how to cut down sugar in your diet:

Avoid All Sugary Drinks Available in the Market

Soda, cola drinks, energy drinks, preserved juices, sports beverages, etc. are all loaded with sugar.

No matter how much the label says about them being sugar-free, don’t believe in what is written on the package. About 450 ml apple juice comprises of around 49 grams of sugar.

They are loaded with sugars and contribute to quick weight gain. Switch to water and other beverage options such as green tea, herbal teas, lemon water, etc.

However, don’t add sugar to it. You can also extract fresh juices from fruits and vegetables and enjoy.

They have natural sugars present in them which are good for your body.

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Sauces are Also High in Sugar

They may just be food condiments, but just one tablespoon of tomato ketchup can contain 4 grams of sugar. There are some that may offer low sugar content but check the package to see how much is present.

You can use other things to flavor your food that is low in sugar such as vinegar, dried herbs, spices, pesto, mustard sauce, etc.

You can even DIY tomato ketchup to make a sugar free or low in sugar version at home.

Cut Down on Foods Made with Refined Flour

Foods made with refined flour such as pasta, white bread, pastries, muffins, etc. cause weight gain and problems associated with it.

These foods are simple carbs, and they spike our blood sugar instantly. We also tend to eat more when we are eating such foods because they don’t make you feel full.

Swapping these foods with complex carb foods such as legumes and whole grains is a more healthy choice.

Having refined flour products in moderation is not bad. You can have them once in a while.

Switch to Healthy Desserts

Desserts like ice-cream, brownies, donuts are high in sugar. They can account for up to 18% of added sugar.

They don’t offer much nutritional value instead just spikes your blood sugar, makes you hungrier and tired. If you have a sweet tooth or are craving for a dessert, have a fresh fruit, yogurt, dates or dark chocolate.

These foods are healthy, keep you full and are high in nutritional value.

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Avoid Canned Foods

Most canned fruits and vegetables are packed in syrup. Besides their natural sugars, they are soaked in artificial sugars so they can be preserved. If you are buying canned fruits, then pick ones that have been preserved in their own juice or have no added sugar.

It is best that you pick fresh fruits and vegetables to have a healthy lifestyle.

Limit yourself to consuming refined sugar to keep yourself healthy.

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