Don’t do this While You Are on The Ketogenic Diet

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The ketogenic diet is among the best diets out there and if you do it right, you should see success in the first couple of weeks. You need to stick to its regime, which is not that bad and you will do just fine.

However, you need to pay attention to the mistakes from the other people who complained about the results from the keto diet. There isn’t a single person who won’t see results if he approaches the diet the right way.

We will explain some of the mistakes that are continuously done by people who started the keto diet. Try to avoid these mistakes and you will see why we love the ketogenic diet so much.

  • Don’t bother about the weight in the beginning

You can’t compare yourself to other people. Some of them lost 5 pounds in the first week, but you might not. However, you shouldn’t get disappointed because your body reacts differently. There is a chance that if you don’t drop weight in the first week, you might drop even more in the second one.

We are trying to tell you not to bother about how much you weight. You only need to bother about the regime from the keto diet and how to approach it the right way. Weight loss will come by itself over the days and you will be satisfied, so there is no point in disappointing and stressing out.

  • Choose your fats

There are several kinds of fats and you need to choose the healthier and the ones that your body will appreciate while in ketosis. You should always avoid the processed fats. You can find this kind of fats in the vegetables and the seed oil. They can inflict numerous health problems.

We will advise you to eat the avocado because it has good healthy fats that will bring you success during the keto diet.

  • Low amount of fats

You need to control the macros that you ingest, and for the keto diet, the most important macro is the fat. You need to avoid carbs which is the main source of fuel for your body. Once you get used to it, your body will use the fat and turn it into energy. From that point on, your ability to burn fat will be improved.

  • Big amount of protein

As with everything, if you take too much your body might suffer. The same goes for the proteins. Don’t take too much, but just enough in order to control the strength and size of your muscles. See it this way, if you put too much protein in your body, it will be transformed into glucose. This will increase the level of your blood sugar and will stop you from entering into ketosis.

  • Never make a comparison to other people

Once again, every person is different. You can’t compare your results with the results from the other people. Someone might see success only in the beginning, but your body might surprise you after a while.

Also, there are other contributions to the results (training, sleep habits and how active you are throughout the day.)

  • Drink Water

The worst thing that you can do to your body while in ketosis is to cut down on fluids. Your body needs water in order to produce electrolytes which are very important for your overall health and the development of the ketosis.

Most importantly, try to drink at least a glass of water when you get up in the morning. Aside from the contribution to the keto diet, it will improve your immune system and health.

  • Sleep habits

According to some studies, it is estimated that you need around 8 hours of sleep every day. If you are not sleeping, your body isn’t getting the rest that it needs. You deserve to rest, so, try to change your schedule a bit more in order to sleep better and stronger.

  • You need support

Don’t do this whole process as a lone wolf. Tell your family and friends what you are up to and ask for their support. Even though the keto diet won’t give you many restrictions, it will be hard watching a friend eat your favorite food. Ask them if they can eat somewhere else, at least until you get used to the new regime.

We all know that we learn from our mistakes, but it is crucial to acknowledge them what they are and how to fix them. Hopefully, these mistakes won’t happen to you and we hope that you have a good start and good ending of the keto diet.

Isn't it fair to share?

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