Does KETO Works Without Exercise

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Ketogenic diet or most popularly known as Keto has a wide range of health benefits that’s the reason why it is embraced by many famous personalities.

A ketogenic diet is actually a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that is similar in nature to the Atkins. Ketogenic diet drastically reduces the carbohydrate intake by replacing it with healthy fat. This reduced carbs in the diet result in putting your body into ketosis a metabolic state. In the state of ketosis, your body becomes much more capable of burning the body fat for the production of energy.

There are numerous benefits of a Ketogenic diet including a reduction in the blood sugar levels as well as insulin levels. It also reduces the chances of diseases and is an effective way to lose body fat or weight. It is also superior to the low-fat diet which is often recommended for weight loss.

One of the best things about the keto diet is that you can lose weight quite easily even without hitting a gym or adoption an exercise regime. This makes Ketogenic diet very appealing to those who don’t have time for the workout.

So how can you lose fat without proper exercise? The reason behind this is that your body is in the state of ketosis when on a Ketogenic diet. This low in carb diet help your body to constantly burn the fat you are consuming along with the stored body fat for the production of energy for everything you do.

This includes walking, talking, sitting, working, driving, sleeping and everything else you do on a regular basis. As the fuel for all these tasks comes from fat, there is no need to exercise in order to burn it.

Keto also curbs your appetite; this results in a decreased calorie intake. Even if you don’t count the calories, you are naturally eating a low-calorie diet. A low-calorie diet means your calorie intake is much lower than the calories you burn. This way you are burning calories or fat naturally without having the need to burn it through heavy workouts.

This is extremely helpful for those peoples who are unfit and cannot exercise safely because of injuries or other problems. It is also great for those who simply hate exercising.

However, if you love to exercise and is also physically fit enough, then you will find that a Ketogenic diet has a much greater impact on the effectiveness and speed of your weight loss.

When you are taking a carbohydrate-rich diet, your body will start hitting your fat after around 30 minutes of cardio exercise. This means first you will burn the carbs and then the fat. But while following a ketogenic diet plan, you will start burning your fat from the very first minute.

Additionally, a ketogenic diet only targets the fat and not the lean muscle. This means the layer of fat present above the muscles will strip off revealing your strong muscular body.

Overall keto can effectively work without exercising, but when combined with a proper exercise regime it works wonders and can give you the best possible physique.

Isn't it fair to share?

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