How to Save Your Marriage when it seems that your husband no longer cares?

How to Save Your Marriage when it seems that your husband no longer cares?

Do you know the unpleasant feeling when you realize that your husband has stopped caring for your relationship?

You may already be wondering “Does he still love me?” Can you save your marriage when your husband doesn’t seem to care anymore? Well, your thoughts lately are: “I’m alone in this marriage. I’m in charge of all things! “Or,” I think he gave up … on us! “And, sadly, even” Did my marriage end? “.

It hurts you. You can’t be trusted. You feel terrified!

And then … they are angry.

It seems to you that your conversations with him are constantly negative. No matter how hard you try, it seems that this cycle of marital problems and conflicts never ends. How to move in a closed circle.

This situation lasts for weeks, months, years, maybe even decades. From the moment you get married and every day thereafter, the interaction is hostile, you feel dissatisfied and angry.

What can you do about it?

As you read this article, you have already taken the first step! It is clear that you have not given up on the relationship. But what next can you do? Don’t wait for him to make the first move! You may have to wait too long.

No matter how distant your partner may seem, you still have the power to change your relationship in a more positive way and to love it again.

You will do this by fighting for your marriage that will result in a change in your relationship because there is a great opportunity to create a different outcome.

Is there a guarantee? If you follow these tips to save your marriage, you will get rid of the feeling of being stuck in a circle because you will do something different to change the situation.

Is there a risk? Of course, you can’t control his actions or reactions. But by maintaining the status quo, you will not have the success and progress of a relationship.

So if you are wondering if your husband still loves you or has quit your marriage and no longer cares, here are 9 ways you can change things:

1. Start telling him “I love you” again
Tell him you love him every day!

2. Give him sincere compliments
Notice what’s good and praise him for it.

3. Return the hugs to your life
Physical distance will disappear when you start hugging your husband again.

4. Be romantic
Make a gesture of attention every day that will show him that you care about being happy and loved! Don’t make things too obvious. Subtly create romantic moments.

5. Try to be positive
Stop complaining about every little insult in married life and in general. Look more positively at things and he will fall in love with you again!

6. Laugh more
It’s hard to resist a woman with a genuine smile on her face.

If you still care about him, show him a smile and watch how quickly he will smile back at you.

7. Show interest
Be his friend and listen to him with interest and enthusiasm.

8. Make caring for yourself a priority
It’s great to appreciate his work, but learn to appreciate his own.

The more you take care of yourself, the more energy you will have for your relationship to grow and heal.

9. Show respect
When you treat him as a man, you will feel more gentle. Respect him as your husband and expect magic to happen!

Now that you know how to save your marriage, keep in mind that no relationship is spared the trouble. What is important is to do everything you can to repair the relationship while it is not too late.

Stress Relief Activities and Exercises

Stress Relief Activities and Exercises

Recently many studies have focused on the effects of exercise for improving and stimulating brain functions.

Regardless of age, exercise has a positive effect on mental health.


Did you have a busy day at the office? After working hours, take a walk or go to the gym.

One of the greatest benefits of exercise is that it reduces stress and increases the body’s ability to cope with mental stress.


Running and mountaineering can be intense, however, it is definitely worth the effort.

In some cases, exercise can be an antidepressant, and with just half an hour of exercise, a few days a week, you can improve your mood.


If you constantly complain that you are not satisfied with your look, nothing will help you as much as exercise.

And even if your look is not an issue, exercise will make you feel that you are doing something good for yourself and it will definitely instill more confidence in you.


To achieve more, exercise in natural surroundings (park, quay) whenever you have the opportunity. When you go out into the sun, your body produces vitamin D, however, make sure to apply sunscreen.


Several studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise helps to produce new brain cells, a process called neurogenesis, and at the same time, it improves the overall efficiency of the brain.

Experts believe that exercise helps you to learn better, to make better decisions and it improves the overall thinking.

You are Happy, But You May Not Realize it. This Will Help

You are Happy, But You May Not Realize it. This Will Help

In order to decide or realize that you are not happy, you will need a couple of facts.

Of course, you cannot just decide that you are not happy simply due to the fact that everyone’s criterion for happiness is different. Currently, in the world there is no written, average criterion or measure of happiness, therefore there is no scale that would help you decide whether you are happy or not.

I am telling you this for a simple reason that worldwide there are many different characters of people, different religions, skin colors, and similar distinctions, however, in general, there are two or three types of characters for happiness, and I classify them as follows:

People who are negative

People who are positive

People who know what they want

After my classification, I have to explain what I imply with the classification itself, so let us start explaining successively.

It is related to the beginning of my text, first of all, I include people who are negative in the category of people who may seem cheerful and positive in everyday life, however, they have a negative mood when it comes to their souls, and unconsciously they perceive any ambiguous situation as negative.

We know that almost every situation in everyday life can be ambiguous, so negative people usually tend to perceive these situations as negative, bad or not good. The happiness criterion of these people is very high, simply because these people always complain, they always consider that something is not right, they choose the worse options and they experience similar situations and behavior.

Although they may not make such an impression, this is simply what they are like. A lot has to be done to make these people happy, usually the family is the one attempting to do something, however, everything will fail unless they help themselves.

The second group of people includes those who are always positive, smiled, always choosing the bright side of things.

Looks good? You are probably saying, these people are great, they always feel good. However, this is not the case all the time.

After all, these people in their everyday lives are cheerful and positive, but often suddenly they become depressed if they are unaware of the criterion of happiness, which as I mentioned, is not a written rule and a scale for that purpose does not exist, rather it simply needs to be assessed.

How do these people become depressed or disappointed?

The world around us can be very cruel, people at work, on the streets, friends and family members can easily disappoint us by failing to meet our expectations.

Of course, this can be intentional or unintentional, and if it is intentional, these people become even more disappointed and may become depressed, and in the long run, they may transfer to category one, people who are negative.

Certainly, there is a very simple remedy for this situation, and it can be easily avoided. Self-awareness is very important, if we are self-aware of what is always going on around us, things will be easier.

We need to be reserved when it comes to people, regardless of how close we are, we need to stop having expectations from people who do not appreciate our time and effort, however in order to perceive this, we do not have to be blindly happy and positive, still we need to estimate and assess.

Let us write a little bit about people who really know what they want.

This category can create the criterion of happiness, these people really know how to evaluate, they are always reserved, they listen carefully, they are active in terms of socialization, however, one can hardly make them angry or overwhelmed.

Sometimes they may seem like people who are not too social, but maybe this is a sign that we did something wrong while communicating with them, so they are too wary of us, and they pay attention to what they tell us and how they will react. And of course, if we are the negative ones, we will definitely understand that, because we will always choose the worse.

People who know what they want tend to spend more time and relax with positive people, so they can show more happiness and good mood, and of course, they are cautious again, but they skilfully hide this and relax, thinking quickly and following each situation.

In addition, below you can read about a few factors that affect your happiness.

You will feel happiness only if you stop waiting and take the best of yourself from the present moment to this moment when you are reading this now, whenever, of course, that is why you are reading this.

And I assure you that the only thing that will make you happy in the long run is if you appreciate your hard work, difficulties, problems, and pain. You will learn the greatest and best life lessons through these experiences.

Be cautious, reserved, and relax with people. Do not foresee bad things, if they are to come, just let them be, you will learn from those situations, but you will be happy by then, they will happen, of course, but do not let them make you unhappy while it lasts.

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