Everyday Habits That Make You Look Younger after ’50s

Everyday Habits That Make You Look Younger after ’50s

Just because you have reached the age of 50, does not mean that you have to make drastic changes in your appearance.

Surely some things have changed, and so has your beautification routine. The routine you have been following in your 40s no longer works the same and is not as effective because your skin has changed too. However, basic things such as skin hydration and powder application remain the same.

Do not be afraid in your golden age, you no longer have to impress people. Your workplace is comfortable, your kids have grown up, and you are dressing up in order to feel good. Enjoy your years and your experience, and keep these few steps in mind.


Skin is the most important thing and this will not change. To keep your skin healthy in your 50s, you need to eat vegetables, protein, and fruits.

Vitamins in fruits and vegetables will maintain the shine of your skin and hair. You also need to drink several glasses of water because your skin is drier. The ideal daily amount of water is eight glasses. When it comes to fast food – a big NO!

Not only that can it cause health problems, but it can also make your skin look tired.


Physical activity produces endorphin – a hormone that stimulates a positive mood. Practice brisk walks for 30 minutes every day. Sweat will make you happy, so if you are happy on the inside – you will be young and energetic on the outside. Sweating opens the skin pores, so exercise is essential for healthy skin.


If you adhere to the previous two steps, you are already halfway. Only a clean face is ideally prepared for any makeup. Start the routine by cleansing the skin, do not use a bar of too strong soap, rather a face cleanser that does not contain too many chemicals. You can also ask for an asset designed for older people.


This rule should be followed although cosmetic brands ask you to believe that their creams are functional and that they can really prevent the appearance of wrinkles in record time. Instead of such creams, apply a skin moisturizer twice a day, as it will keep your skin soft and moist and at the same time it will make wrinkles less visible.


This rule remains the same for women in any age of life. You need to find the right shade that fits perfectly with your skin. You may need to apply a larger amount than before, but this is normal. Finally apply powder foundation with the same shade for a perfect finish.


Although your skin is no longer the same, this does not apply to your eyes. Make your eyes the center of attention. Put makeup on your eyes with a quality eyeliner and a good mascara. Avoid dark eye shadows.


Use lipstick with a lighter shade, and avoid lip liners because the liner will only highlight the wrinkles around your lips.


Make your hairstyle as simple as possible. If it’s gray – do not hide it. Show it with pride, and if you decide to color it – color it from the roots to the tops.

Exercise for Breast Tightening After Weight Loss

Exercise for Breast Tightening After Weight Loss

Saggy breasts are a normal occurrence after weight loss, however, many women feel insecure due to their appearance.

The fact is that breast tissue cannot be fully restored to its original state, however, you can still improve the appearance of your breasts. A combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and some other tricks will do the trick.

Practice exercises for your entire body

For firm breasts, you need to practice exercises for that muscle group. However, since breasts generally consist of adipose tissue and glands, they are one of the body parts that cannot be lifted.

Still, in order to improve their appearance, it is important that you practice exercises for the muscles around your chest. You need to activate the entire upper body to improve your posture and the appearance of your breasts.

Body posture

The proper, straight posture of your body will make you look better, but more importantly – it prevents the breast from dropping. The proper body posture helps in proper weight distribution and even prevents chest and back pain.

Always stand and move with your head up and an inward movement of the abdomen, and move your shoulders slightly back. If you have difficulties finding the right position, imagine standing with your back next to a wall.

The bra is important

A quality bra should hold your breasts and reduce the strain on them. The bra should be tight enough to reduce chest movement, however, it should not squeeze any part. When you are active, make sure you wear a sports bra.

However, you do not have to wear it constantly, because some studies have shown that this can have the opposite effect. Allegedly, by constantly wearing a bra, the muscles become weaker, which can result in saggy breasts.

Proper nutrition and a healthy weight

Maybe you will not improve the condition of your breasts only with your diet, however, when you eat healthy you will avoid sudden weight changes, which can further damage the breast tissue.

Healthy fat, such as fat contained in fish, nuts or avocados, can improve the condition of your skin, and thus the appearance of your breasts. Of course, make sure you drink plenty of water to improve skin elasticity.


Breast massage improves circulation and strengthens their tissue. It is best to massage your breasts every day for about 10 minutes, by moving your fingers downwards.

You can also use various oils, depending on your skin. Olive oil is a great source of antioxidants, and it simultaneously improves the texture and elasticity of the skin.

Forget about cigarettes

We know that smoking accelerates the aging process, and smoke reduces the elasticity of tissues. In addition, smoking is also related to the destruction of collagen and elastin, it deteriorates blood flow and slows down the release of oxygen and nutrients to cells.

Chest exercises

In addition to all tips, breast exercises are also important. According to most fitness experts, the following three exercises are best.

Bench press

This exercise increases the muscle mass of the breasts, thereby making them look bigger.

– Lie on a bench with weights in your hands. Bend your elbows at a right angle and hold your hands parallel to the floor.

– Lift the weights and stay in this position for a few seconds.

– Lower the weights by bending your elbows to return to the initial position.

– Make 3-5 sets with 12-15 repetitions.


Push-ups are one of the most popular exercises for the upper body, mostly focused on chest muscles.

– Stand in a plank position and place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. The body should be in a straight line.

– Slowly bend your elbows and try to touch the floor with your chest.

– Return to the initial position.

– Make 3-5 sets with 12-15 repetitions.


This exercise is excellent for stretching the chest muscles, improving the body posture and strengthening the muscles of the upper body. You can also do the exercise on a fitness ball in order to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

– Lie on a bench or a ball and place your feet on the floor, and take one weight in each hand.

– Lift your arms and slightly bend your elbows, holding the weights over your chest. This is the initial position.

– Breathe in and slowly spread your arms to the side, until they are parallel to the floor. At this point, you should feel a stretch in the region of your chest and shoulders.

– Exhale and return to the initial position.

– Make 3-5 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

5 Tips to Make Your Dull Face Skin Glow

5 Tips to Make Your Dull Face Skin Glow

Age, exposure to the sun, poor diet and pollution can cause the skin to become dull and lifeless.

It no longer seems to have the same youthfulness and plump like it did when you were in your teens. The cause of dull skin depends immensely on our lifestyle – eating habits, skin-care regime, stress-free life, sleeping time, drinking water, exercising, etc.

If your skin has lost its charm and appears to be dull then here are some easy tips to rejuvenate and revitalize it.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation helps the skin to rid itself of the dead cells which block the surface of the skin. Exfoliation helps in speeding the process of shedding dead cells and makes your skin glow. There is nothing better than natural ingredients that can help you bring back the glow of your face.

Mix a tablespoon of sugar with a little warm water and rub it in circular motions over your face. Scrub your face for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water. You can also buy scrubs available in the market – look for apricot extract or walnut shell powder based scrubs.

Apply Almond Oil/Almond Butter

Almond oil is rich in Vitamins B, A, and E. It opens up clogged pores and seals the moisture of the skin. It not only makes your skin glow but also makes it soft and smooth. You will also notice your skin to have become a shade lighter with continuous application. Just take a few drops and massage it on your face, neck, and hands and keep it overnight.

Apply Juice of Orange and Cucumber

Enlarged pores hold sebum, dirt and dead skin. Orange juice can effectively shrink these pores and gives shine to your skin. Cucumber is rich in ascorbic acid and has bleaching properties. It helps in soothes the skin and reduces swelling.

The PH level of cucumber is similar to that of our skin and thus help in restoring back the glow of the skin. It also has nourishing, hydrating and astringent properties. Mix equal amounts of cucumber juice and orange juice and apply it on your face and neck. Wash it off after 10 minutes.

Yogurt Masks

Yogurt helps in moisturizing the skin. It reduces discoloration of the skin, prevents premature aging and removes sunburn. It contains lactic acid which exfoliates our skin and gives it a natural glow.

It effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles on your face. You can apply yogurt directly or mix it with honey or rose water and then apply to increase its benefits for your face. Leave the pack for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water.

Here you can find Healthy Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Change Your Lifestyle

While the packs and masks help you glow externally, there are some changes in your lifestyle which can help your skin to be healthy and plump from within.

  • Drink enough water
  • Add enough amount of citrus fruits to your diet
  • Eat a balanced meal that includes fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Sleep for minimum of 7 to 8 hours
  • Limit alcohol and don’t smoke
  • Workout regularly or include some outdoor activities in your routine
  • Meditate and keep stress under control

Attaining a radiant and glowing skin isn’t an impossible task. Indulge in these home remedies and bring about small changes in life and see your face glow.

Powerful Home Remedies to Grow Thicker and Fuller Hair Naturally

Powerful Home Remedies to Grow Thicker and Fuller Hair Naturally

Hair is the best jewelry of women. And we all love to have a voluminous hair to look good. But there are several reasons such as pollution, bad food habits, the stress in work, etc. which altogether hinder the growth of hair and thus leaves us with thin hair. But, there are various useful tips following which you can easily get thick hair.

We have shared some tips here to get thick hair faster. So, have a read.

    • Hair massage is very helpful just like a body It helps to keep all the pressure and tension at bay. You can choose to massage your scalp and body every two-three days for better effect. Hot oil massage is ideal that enhance the blood circulation on the head. Thus it promotes hair growth naturally.
    • Comb your hair daily at least twice. But, the comb should be very strong and gentle. It similarly enhances blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
    • Do not wash your hair with shampoo every day. Just two or three days a week is perfect to use shampoo. Also, avoid using the shampoo that has too many Parabens, sulfate, etc. are not good for hair. So, look for the products that are free of all these chemicals.
    • Try to dry your hair naturally. Too much uses of a hairdryer and straighten is not good at all for hair health. The heat will damage your hair if used on a regular basis.
    • Eat healthily. You should ensure that you are eating all kind of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutrition to stay healthy. If your diet includes all kind of protein and nutrition, you can be assured that your hair too is getting all the needed proteins and vitamins to stay strong.
    • Sound sleep is also needed daily to promote hair growth. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to stay refreshed. Sound sleep will kick off all the previous day stress, tension and pressure thus help maintain the hair and skin properly. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for hair fall. So, try to stress-free, and the result will be reflected in your skin and hair.
    • Finally, cut off the split ends every three months. Split ends actually hinder the growth of hair. So, it is suggested that remove the split ends in every two-three months and your hair will look much better.

Home remedies to grow thick hair faster:

      • Castor oil is a very good remedy to get thick hair. You can apply this oil two-three times a week to get a soft, smooth and glossy hair. But, castor oil is very sticky, so it is best to apply during the daytime on holidays.
      • Aloe vera gel: This is another good home remedy to get thick hair.
      • Olive oil too is very helpful to get thick hair faster.

Finally, you can use an avocado that promotes hair growth.

Healthy Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Healthy Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the major problems faced by most of us. This oily skin occurs very naturally and often prompts having pimples on the face. Instead of trying some medicated tips, it is better to try some home remedies to get the effect.

Trying home remedies has nowadays turned into a much-prevailed method for keeping the skin sparkling. People do not prefer to spend much on the costly medical treatments existing in the market to make the skin dull. To keep the skin always neat and healthy, we should consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. There are some valuable home remedies that can be successful.

Consistently our skin sheds a layer of dead cells. Frequently, these dead cells will get increased, and naturally, it results in making your skin dull. This obstructs the blood circulation to the skin. So the skin looks oily and lifeless.

Water should be sprinkled every day, and enough water should be consumed by the body. Cooked or pure oats will reduce the oil content and thus makes a great effect on the skin. Cucumber can likewise make your skin shine at a short span of time.

  • Drink daily 8 to 10 glass of water. Make it a routine. This helps you in removing the poisons from your body.
  • Take equal quantity of water and lemon juice and mix. Apply this mix to your skin and wash your skin using warm water and afterward with cold water. This is an exceptionally powerful home solution for the sleek, healthy skin.
  • The gel of Aloe vera is likewise effective for shiny and healthy skin. Take some quantity of aloe vera leaves and after that extract gel from it. Apply this gel on your skin where it is affected. Wait for a couple of minutes and after that clean with water. This is one amongst the most proficient home solutions for the oily healthy skin.
  • Mix ½ teaspoon of lime juice and ½ teaspoon of cucumber juice. Half an hour before bath, apply this mix daily on your skin. This will definitely give you best result in clearing your oily skin.
  • Mix ½ teaspoon of egg white and honey with one teaspoon lemon juice. To create a fine paste, add brewer’s yeast concentrate in this blend. After applying this on your skin, wait for roughly twenty minutes. Then use water and wash your skin.
  • Crush some almonds and afterward add half tablespoon honey into it to make it a paste. Massage your skin using this paste for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now wipe up your face using a clean cloth dipped in the warm water and then wash your skin with water. This home remedy will give a sparkle to your skin, and your skin will look fresh.

The previously mentioned natural home solutions for oily skin are probably the most important home remedies. These natural ways are very cheap and easy to use, and moreover, it does not have any side effects.

How To Get Long Shiny Hair Fast Naturally At Home

How To Get Long Shiny Hair Fast Naturally At Home

Everybody loves a glorious, flowing mane of hair: the kind that makes heads turn for a second glance, the kind that makes people jealous. Though it rarely happens to be the case!

The increasing pollution levels and unorganized eating habits make it hard for hair to stay flawless. Synthetic products used to restore their health often do the opposite: making them dry and frizzy. So, the last retort is homemade remedies for the same!

Here are some tips that you can use to get silky, long hair at home:

Know Your Hair Type

Most of us don’t even bother what to know what our hair type is and end up taking products that do more damage than good to our hair. Curly hair generally requires more care than other hair types, and they tend to be frizzy more often. You should use different remedies for frizzy hair rather than using the same old shampoo that does nothing for you.

Wash, Wash, Wash!

Some people love to wash their hair daily while others wash it once a week. While people have their preferences, it is advised to wash your hair twice a week; neither more nor less.

Daily hair wash tends to make the scalp dry and devoid the hair of natural oils secreted while washing only once a week may lead to the opposite effect- oily, dirty, sticky hair whereas twice a week wash ensures that the scalp doesn’t get too dry or in the other case: too oily.

Condition them!

Don’t be lazy to condition your hair. Ever. After a shampoo wash, hair may get frizzier as the day goes by. Therefore, it’s important to use a conditioner every time you shampoo that mane.

Potato and Onion juice

Mix 1/2 cup of potato juice and 1/2 cup of onion juice and apply to your scalp. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash your hair. This juice mixture will help in furthering the growth of your hair.

Fennel flower and aloe vera

Mix fennel flower powder, aloe vera gel, and a vitamin E capsule and apply this paste to your hair. Leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes and then wash your hair. This paste will stop your hair loss and give the much-needed nourishment to your scalp.

Yogurt and apple cider vinegar

Before washing your hair, you can massage some yogurt in your scalp to condition your hair. Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar in a 700ml cup. Use this mixture to wash your hair after shampooing. This will condition your hair and make them smooth and silky.

Curry leaves and oil

Mix one teaspoon of curry leaves powder in a bottle of coconut oil and heat it a little while. Use this oil regularly to get smooth and strong hair.

The most important thing- oil your hair regularly! Oiling nourishes the scalp and provides the required proteins and vitamins to the hair. So that’s all the tips folks! The rest depends on how you get rid of your laziness and decide to revamp your hair!