Bodyweight Exercises No Equipment Needed

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Whatever kind of a training you do, know that you will benefit a lot from it. Whether it is your health, your looks, and muscularity, or your mood, you will improve yourself.

However, exercising for size and muscles, and exercising for strength is two totally different things. We will provide you with some exercises about strength training that will improve your core and overall performance.

To keep it simple, building muscle size is done with more weight and a smaller amount of repetitions. Building strength, you will use either your own weight or add more to it, but your goal will be to do more repetition and sets with higher intensity.

Even if you are a beginner, you can still use these exercises. Take it slow and you will see that each training you will become stronger and stronger. You can change them somehow if it suits you the best, but either way, you will be gaining strength. There are a lot of bodyweight workouts for beginners and bodyweight workouts that can simply be done from your home.

Remember to pay attention to your posture, in order to avoid any serious injury. With these bodyweight exercises, you will be combining high-intensity training with strength training.

Pushups (Best bodyweight workout)

This workout can be done from your home or your hotel. It is a classic bodyweight workout for beginners and they are really effective. Make sure that you have the proper body form and you will be good to go. Pay attention to the position of your arms and elbows, especially your shoulders, because they are the easiest muscles with risks for injury.

You don’t have to do a lot of them at once. You can spread them throughout the whole day. It will give you strength throughout the whole body, especially in the core, hands, back, and legs.

You can try all kinds of pushups that will definitely help you. There are separate pushups that will focus more on your shoulder, on your triceps and your chest. You make a research about bodyweight workouts at home, the results will be surely pushups.

Watch tutorials online and learn the right way. Control your elbows, your back, and shoulders. If you are a beginner, start with at least 5 pushups in 5 sets. Each time that you exercise, do your best to increase that number. The results will surprise you and you will be addicted to this new kind of a lifestyle.

Other bodyweight exercises

  • Walking lunges

The best bodyweight workout for beginners that will improve the strength of your core and legs and will help you with balance and coordination. From a standing position, place your right foot in front of you, but make the exercise slow and don’t overextend. Go down until your front knee bents at an angle of 90 degrees. Keep a straight position for the whole exercise and return your right leg. Now, do the same with the left leg.

Going forward and back counts as one repetition.

  • Plank Ups

This exercise will surely exhaust. It is pretty simple, but it will help you build a stronger core. Position yourself by making a plank position, similar to the pushups. Don’t raise your body as with the pushups, but, you will have to shift the weight to the right arm while bending the elbow on your left. Place the left arm on the floor with the elbow position parallel under the shoulder.

After that, make the same on the other side. Going up and down needs to be counted as one repetition.

  • Bodyweight squats

This bodyweight exercise will improve the strength in your legs and core. The position of the squats can be a little tricky to make it right, but with the right tutorial and enough practice, you can do it. Place your feet in the width of the shoulders and bend your hips. Extend your bottom back as you are going down. It is similar as you are trying to sit on a small chair.

It is good for the calf muscles and quadriceps. Also, it works on your abs, which is always a good thing.

  • Triceps Dips

The triceps are located on the backside of the upper arm, under the shoulder. You can make them at home by taking two chairs and setting them parallel. On one of the chairs, set your arms shoulder-width apart (fingers pointed toward your legs,) and on the other, put your legs. Then, go down with your bottom while holding your arms and legs straight.

Make sure to do this exercise correctly and don’t do overtraining in the beginning. The triceps can be easily inflamed and you might have to rest for a day or two.

  • Jumping squat

A modified squat that will strengthen your legs even more. Make a regular squat and when you are going up, jump off the ground as explosively as you can. You can use your hands as a support in the beginning by moving them up and down together with your body. After a while, it will become easier and you can put your hands behind your head.

The best part about these bodyweight workouts is that you can do them at home. They will bring an enormous strength to your body and will improve your overall health.

Now, it will be hard in the beginning, but you can’t give up. Motivate yourself somehow and keep going. If you have started with 10 pushups, trust us, in a month you will do 20. Get out of the comfort zone and push yourself until you reach your goals!

Isn't it fair to share?

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