Anti Aging Skin Care Routine With all Natural Ingredients That Are Truly Effective

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Although aging is something inevitable, people are trying to prevent its effects any way they can. For women, but also most of the men, aging is particularly noticeable in how their skin looks.

That is why it is vital to use products that can help you maintain that youthful and elastic skin. We won’t recommend any skin care products this time, but we will divert your attention to some anti-aging skin ingredients that are actually effective.

Camellia Oil

It is the Japanese that discovered the benefits of this plant first and it is popular in this country even today. This oil is derived from Camellia japonica plant and you get it by cold-pressing its seeds. According to scientists, the antioxidant properties of this oil are amazing, which is why it can help to prevent visible aging signs.

Smoke, pollution, and sun rays can all damage our skin, but it is camellia oil that protects it and boosts the production of collagen to repair any imperfections. Most of the products containing camellia oil are swiftly absorbable, which means they won’t leave your skin looking greasy.


If you are confused, these are an abbreviation for alpha hydroxy acid and its beta alternative. Their role in fighting aging effects is to remove any potential dead cells in your outer skin layer. That way they stimulate the growth of new cells and make enough space for them.

It is particularly vital to use skin care products that contain these acids because they enable improved penetration of other compounds. AHA and BHA also play an important role in skin hydration.

Grape Seed Extract

According to experts, extract of grain seeds has so powerful antioxidant properties that they are several times more potent than vitamins C and E. You should focus on applying skin care products with this component on areas close to your eyes.

If you are experiencing problems with darkness and puffiness, it can diminish them quickly. That is just a bonus to the effect of grape seed extract to protect skin cells from environmental damage.

Vitamin C

The list of benefits that vitamin C provides for human health is incredibly long. However, protective effects are its main characteristic.

Whether you are scared of sunburns or you just want to prevent pollutants to damage your skin, vitamin C is an excellent choice. This compound must be the essential component of any skin care product that aims to protect the skin against aging effects.

Gotu Kola

This is a plant traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its different properties. When the scientists conducted a research, they concluded this is a herb that can help diminish wrinkles regardless of how deep they are.

The way how Gotu Kola works is that it helps to the tissue to regenerate and that is a shortcut to securing elastic and youthful skin once again.

On top of that, this product boosts collagen production and improves growth of new cells, which may play a vital role in dealing with any imperfections on your skin, including scars and wounds.

Isn't it fair to share?

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