A Healthy and Successful Family is Our Mission

Who stands behind shapelys.com

family of 4

Hi people …

My name is Viktor, I’m writing this but the blog is inspired by us as a family, myself, my wife Zorica, and our two boys.

Because my wife Zorica is a nurse and from a technical point of view she didn’t know how to start a blog so I was obliged to start shapelys.com, but just to make a blog is not as difficult and important as what matters is what is written in it.
Topic inspiration is from our daily lives, our desires, and goals that we strive to accomplish on a daily basis, so we also write things we research, which we like to do but sometimes we can not achieve but aim for.

However, we all know that our goals make us move forward in life, and if we do not have goals, life itself will have no point, so it is interesting that we always set new goals, although sometimes we may not achieve them, and we will strive to achieve them even more and that is what makes us stronger.

Our Approach & Values

On our blog, we deal with a variety of topics such as weight loss, workout, exercises and healthy spirit, everyday small issues that are often encountered such as light depression, anxiety, disagreements among people and conflict solving, tips for building a marriage, also we will cover topics on the relationship between parents and children and much more.


  • We are what we consume
  • We are how we think
  • We are what we do
  • We are we and our families

The topic of weight loss was our main reason for starting this blog because in 2014y Zorica and I had a weight increase of about 20-30%. In 2014y my research began on what and how to do about these problems and while our boys were then 5 and 6 years old we needed to get used to a healthy life and thus our children to get that in their character.

The action has begun, we have learned from renowned nutritionists, we have been looking for food recipes that will satisfy our taste but it will be in a healthy way.

We didn’t have much time for physical activity then, but we started working on it, we learned effective exercises, we start to jog, I bought a bike and started to cycle more and more and now, after a few years I ride 60km a day, two or three times per week. With good and proper nutrition I have lost 16 pounds in 3 months and Zorica has lost 13 pounds in a healthy way.

With this, we have proven to ourselves that we can, and if we could, anyone can do it. Therefore we want to convey a message to all visitors to our blog that anyone can accomplish if he wants.

Later, as our children grew older, a desire to include the topic of depression, anxiety, and parents’ relationship with their children increased.

This topic is broad, the motivation came from the fact that sometimes as any family and we had these problems at home that were not very scary but still had them.

To simply say, the children started looking and having more and more needs that we were not used to because we had no one to help with the raising of children while I was working in my cafe bar and Zorica as a nurse who goes 12 hours shift/day and night shifts and my private business is also very active and time-consuming, with little time for family and these little problems came on our door.

I have to say that as a family we are successfully dealing with these Family phenomena that we believe are present in every family, so we would also like to share this with our readers so that we may help someone