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Even though we all know that drinking tea is healthy, there are several disadvantages. Some of the effects are because of the tea that you drink, for example, there are different effects for each tea – green tea, black tea or flowering tea.

There are teas that are made by processing the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. These non-herbal teas are left to process for some amount of time and that is how they make a difference between green, black or flowering tea.

There are many other kinds of tea and all of them can react differently once consumed.

The one negative narration is that tea can make you visit the toilet more often. Tea can make you pee more than usual and it is all because of the chemicals, such as caffeine. For these reasons, people notice that they visit the toilet more often.

We will explain why that happens.

  • Increased Fluid Intake

Tea is a good exchange for water and you will be providing a lot of fluids for your body by drinking it. Logically, the more you drink, the more often you will go to the toilet. Your body will only take as many fluids as it needs and the rest goes out through urination. Tea is good for hydrating your body, but you have to avoid overreacting to it because it has caffeine. It is better to drink more water than tea. Water has no chemicals and it will improve your health and immune system.

  • Caffeine Content

As we mentioned before, the tea contains caffeine which is usually safe, but it can force your body to signal you that you need to pee more. The recommended dosage of caffeine per day is 300 mg and we advise you not to go over this boundary. Also, consuming a bigger amount of caffeine than the one recommended can lead to anxiety, insomnia and energy crashes.

  • Herbal Diuretics

If your tea is created from natural diuretics such as dandelion and stinging nettle, you will probably urinate more. These two ingredients will force your body to signal your brain that you need to visit the toilet.

Even though the tea will make you pee more, you shouldn’t worry about it because it is a natural process of removing the waste out of your body.

You won’t harm your urinary tract or bladder, but you need to be careful and limit the frequency of drinking tea. If you notice that you urinate more often, we advise you to cut down on tea.

If by any chance you believe that you can’t regulate how many times you urinate, you need to contact your doctor.

Maybe you have another issue that forces you to pee more often. The doctor will do some procedures in order to find out if you are suffering from something more serious like diabetes or low amount of calcium.

Other reasons for frequent urinating are an infection of the urinary tract, kidney issues or expanded prostate gland.

Before making an assumption, you can start paying attention to the number of liquids that you consume every day, or even the amount of urine that you produce. You can even pay attention to your weight in order to see how much urine you produce per day.

Be careful

There are several things that we need to mention and you should follow in order to control your urinating. We determined that tea can make you urinate more, but that is not that big of a deal. If you have no problem visiting the toilet more often, you can continue drinking tea.

However, be careful about the following things connected to tea.

  • Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach – this is because tea can dilute the gastric acid which leads to the secretion of gastric fluids. This can result in spoiled digestive tract function.
  • Don’t drink tea before going to sleep – the caffeine can really ruin your sleep which usually leads to insomnia. Also, if caffeine makes you pee more, you won’t be able to sleep as tight as usual.
  • Lower the amount of tea you drink per day – because we determined that tea will make you urinate more, you need to cut down a little bit.
  • Don’t drink tea before and after your meals – you need to wait at least 20 minutes in order to help your digestion. The gastric fluids can really make things worse and the oxalic acid can play with the absorption of important nutrients such as iron and protein, which are essential for a healthy status of your body.
  • Don’t mix tea with medication – even though you probably drink tea when you are sick, tea can make your medications less effective.
  • If your stomach hurts, don’t drink green tea – it is better to switch to red tea because it can prevent and treat any digestive issues.
  • Avoid giving tea to kids – as we said, tea can play with the absorption of iron and this can really ruin the growth of the kids.
  • Never drink tea while pregnant – the caffeine and polyphenols can obstruct the development of the baby.

All in all, tea is healthy, but there are some procedures that we need to take care off. Drink a lower amount of tea than usual and you should be perfectly fine.

Isn't it fair to share?

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