7 Mainstream Nutrition Scams That Should be Avoided

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The mainstream nutrition will always try to attract your attention by telling you something until you are completely convinced. However, many of their claims are just lies that are presented to you in order to stay away from certain foods that you actually need.

We did our research and for a fact, we have 7 myths from the mainstream nutrition that you just need to know.

    1. Eggs are bad for your health

Totally untrue! They are used all over the world, especially for breakfast. Also, they are used by athletes and professional bodybuilders. Some people say that they increase your cholesterol. However, they raise the good cholesterol which is always good for you because it will lower the risks of getting a heart disease. Another good thing about them is that they are high in protein and have a low amount of carbs in them.

  1. Choose foods with a low amount of fats

Another myth that needs some explaining. For those who didn’t know, the taste of the food comes from the fat. When you remove the fat – you automatically remove the flavor. Furthermore, you will have to add something else that will flavor the food and usually it is sugar or high fructose syrup. This is called processed food and it is really bad for your health. It is better to eat high-fat foods that aren’t processed because your body will appreciate it more. In order to keep your body healthy, you need to ingest healthy nutrients.

    1. Eat more times per day

Well, this one is really making us laugh. They are trying to convince you to do this by telling you that you will speed up your metabolism. Even though it will, you will be gaining more weight because you will be eating too much. The most important thing is what you eat, not how many times you eat. It is important to be aware of how much fats, proteins, and carbs you consume every day. If you have that under control, everything else will be fine.

    1. The main source of calories should be carbs

This only works if you are an athlete or you just exercise every day. If you aren’t, then you shouldn’t believe this theory. Yes, it is true that the carbs can be a good fuel for your body. However, if you are not burning the carbs that you have consumed, you will only see growth in your weight. Mainly, this new grown weight is fat, which will make everything worse for you. We believe that you should consider diets with low carb consumption such as the ketogenic diet. You should cut down on carbs and increase the consumption of fats.

  1. Low-Carb dieting is harmful

We don’t know why the low-carb diets are so underrated. It is probably because the people who try them aren’t avoiding the carbs well-enough, which leads to an unsuccessful diet. If you cut down your carbs consumption, your body will find another source of energy, which will be the fats. This works the best with the ketogenic diet and you will be able to improve the process of fat burning. Also, it comes with several health benefits, such as regulated levels of blood sugar, improved cholesterol and decreased risk of cancer.

  1. High-fat diets won’t help you lose weight

Another myth that people are taking for granted. If you think that by eating high-fat food you will gain weight you have been lying to yourself for a long time. The bad macros in the situation are the carbs, not the fats. Your body will stack the carbs that you don’t burn, and you can only burn the carbs by exercising. If there aren’t carbs in your body, the fats will be used as a replacement for energy, which will lead to weight loss.

    1. Consuming a lot of protein is bad for you

It is crucial that you consume protein in order to recover everything that you have inflamed during any physical activity. Protein is good for your muscles and your bones. With the help of protein, you will be building a stronger body that will be able to endure almost anything. Some people claim that the protein can hurt your kidneys. Actually, the protein will only help you because it will control the levels of the blood pressure which will protect the kidneys. Consuming proteins will only improve your overall health status.

Always try to find a scientific proof about anything that you read. You can even make a research about this article and you will see that it is true. Just make sure that you take the details from a decent website or a book.

If you decide to believe our explanations from above, then you are ready for the long run. Your diet will be a complete success and you will be wondering why you have been listening to those false claims. Protect your body by eating the right foods and you will be glad in the end!

Isn't it fair to share?

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