6 Warm Up and Cool Down Mistakes to Avoid When Working Out

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Workout sessions are important, but an integral part of every exercising routine should be warming up and cooling down.

These are important if you want to avoid injuries that will put you on the sidelines for a long time. Check out some mistakes people are often making when beginning and ending their workout sessions:

NEVER Skip Warming Up

You might think that it is boring, but skipping warming up exercises significantly increases the risk of injury. The goal of this preparation is to get your body ready for an exercise session. Warming up will gradually increase your heart rate and elevate your core temperature. You should focus on stretching the muscles that you plan to burden during the workout session.

Set Aside Enough Time for Warming Up

When it comes to length of warming up, if you are doing 60 or 90-minute training, we suggest spending five to ten minutes preparing for exercising. Your body and muscles require several minutes to get in the optimal state for working out, so make sure to use a timer and warm up properly.

Make Stretches Dynamic

If you want to maximize your performance, experts suggest that your stretches should always involve movement. That doesn’t mean you can’t include static stretching, such as holding your legs for 30 seconds. However, most of your warm-up should be dynamic as that should enhance your performance during training.

Try to Mix It Up a Little

This could be beneficial for more than one reason. First, it won’t be as boring if you try to add new exercises each time you are warming up. However, you should also consider your target muscles for the upcoming session.

Make sure to tailor your warming up toward those groups. Sometimes you will need to focus more on the upper body, while another time the emphasis will be on your legs. If you are getting ready for weightlifting, the chances are you can’t warm up properly by just running on a treadmill, so try to adjust to your exercise plan.

NEVER Skip Cooling Down

Just like you should never skip warming up, you should give your body some time to cool down. In fact, it should also be five to ten minutes just like when you started the session. The cooling down process will send a signal to your organism that the exercise is over and that it can begin recovering.

Abruptly Stopping Your Workout

You should always make sure to have enough time for the entire workout session planned. Aside from that, make sure that there are no distractions, especially if you are working out at home.

Stopping the exercising abruptly and returning after 15 or 20 minutes is not healthy and increases the risk of injuries. Make sure to gradually increase the rhythm, go through the exercises and then slowly decrease the rhythm by cooling down.

There is a reason why professional athletes and coaches insist on warming up and cooling down and you should always make sure to follow these tips before and after your workout.

Isn't it fair to share?

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