5 Ways To Cut Down On Sugar Consumption

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Eating a diet heavy in sugar is the easiest way to wreck your body. But because it’s so prevalent in everything you eat, it can be incredibly hard to ignore.

Keeping your sugar intake in check becomes even more important if you have diabetes, and it also put you at risk for obesity and heart disease.

If you are struggling to lower your sugar intake, then try these steps below:

  1. Eliminate soda from your diet- Replace it with water because it is the single most important nutrient your body requires to continuing carrying out all its necessary functions. Plus, it has no calories. Soda, though, is filled with so much sugar, and yet you can drink multiple cans in one sitting while still craving more.If you want an even easier transition from soda to water, use the juice to replace your soda craving.
  1. Eat fresh fruits- If you completely cut out sugar, you will suffer from sugar withdrawals with includes mood swings and severe headache. So instead of going cold turkey, indulge on eating fresh fruits. Not only are they naturally sweet, they are also immensely good for your body. Stay away from canned fruits though because they are usually soaked in sugar syrup and preservatives.


  1. Read the food labels- Before buying anything turn the product around and read its food label. See if it has any added sugar. If it does, swap it for something natural. There are so many everyday items, like cereal, cookies, doughnuts, granola bars that are filled with sugar. Just by cutting those out, you will feel incredibly healthy and lose weight too!


  1. Cut back on dessert- Many of us are used to having something sweet after our dinner. We reach for some ice cream, a piece of cake, or brownies, and with that one little dessert, we take in an addition 200-300 calories a day. Instead, reach for a piece of fruit or some dark chocolate for dessert. Not only will it will you with antioxidants and other vital minerals and nutrients but it will also calm your body and get you ready for sleep.


  1. Try extracts- Add some flavour to your sweet treats or drinks by using orange, almond, peppermint or vanilla extract instead of adding sugar. It tricks your brain into thinking you are having something sweet but without actually taking in those sugary calories. If you do want a hint of more sweetness, use honey or agave nectar.


Giving up sugar can seem hard and it will be in the beginning, but the more you keep at it, then clearer your skin will become, and then leaner you will look.

You will also have more energy and clarity to be more productive in your daily work. Those results will motivate you to stay put with your decision to lead a sugar-free life.

Isn't it fair to share?