Sciatic nerve pain relief at home with 5 Unbelievable Essential Oils

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You have probably heard about the sciatic nerve because it is the longest one in the human body. It is vital for this nerve to work properly because it goes through your whole body. It begins in the spine and goes all the way down to the ankles.

For this reason, we need to take sciatic pain more seriously and treat it with sciatic nerve pain relief essential oils.

Usually, the pain is described as trembling, numbness, or ache. The main reason for sciatica pain is pressure on it and usually, it is inflicted by a prolapsed disk in the spine.

Another important thing in order to avoid sciatica pain is to watch your posture, especially when sitting too long. Always, walk straight and try to be more physically active. You can also harm your sciatic nerve by heavy lifting or improper exercising. Sciatica nerve pain is often active in pregnant women.

There are numerous remedies that will definitely help you reach sciatic nerve pain relief. If you can, it is recommendable that you start with yoga, especially in the morning. You can also try lying on your back and putting your knees to your chest. Lying like that with your head on a pillow can lead to sciatic nerve pain relief.

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However, we recommended that you buy some of these five essential oils for sciatic nerve pain relief. They are all-natural and proven to work miracles against an issue like sciatic nerve pain.

Essential Oils for a Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

We have made a list of five oils that you can use to massage your affected area. You can mix these oils with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or extra virgin olive oil.

In order to have a more successful result, you can even cover it with a warm cloth which will relax your muscles. Many people bragged about the effects of the oil and claimed that they have really seen results. These are the five essential oils that you need to try.

  • Juniper Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Mustard Essential Oil
  • Pepper Essential Oil

Keep in mind that these essential oils can be added to your bath and you can improve the health of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can add around 10 drops, or if your skin is normal, you can add up to 15 drops. This can definitely bring you several benefits and you can really enjoy sciatic nerve pain relief.

You can even use these ways to treat your sciatic nerve pain.

  • Celery juice
  • Tea
  • Nettle Tea
  • Saffron Tea
  • Add thyme or fresh oregano to your bath
  • Make lemon juice and rub it where it hurts

This means that you don’t have to always reach for the medication prescribed by your doctor. You can always treat any kind of a pain in a natural and more effective way that won’t harm your body in any way. We need to be aware of what we do to our bodies and how we protect them.

Hopefully, these tricks will do the job perfectly and you will finally get rid of the pain the probably bothered you for a while. These essential oils for sciatic nerve pain relief are not that expensive and it is worth to give money for something that will truly help you.

Isn't it fair to share?

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