5 Top Powerful Butt Workouts for Women Over 40

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Similar to men who want to have a ripped six-pack, there are women who like to get in good shape and make a stunning butt.

They want to look good in bikini or jeans and there is nothing wrong with that. In this article, we will cover 5 exercises that can make your butt tight and smooth.

If you are ready to commit yourself, you will have to get motivation. Exercises that last for 3 minutes won’t help you and improper exercises will only set you back. You need to make your research and see what you need to focus on.

Here is what you need:

  • 3 sets of at least 3 different exercises for a body part.
  • Set a challenge, for weight and repetitions.
  • Add weight, increase your sets and repetitions, go faster or slower in order to make your muscles grow.
  • Don’t try to isolate only one muscle, because it is impossible.
  • In order to make a nice strong butt, check if your legs match.
  • Don’t focus only on your butt and start a workout routine where you will be targeting your whole body in order to avoid muscle imbalances.
  • You can include several butt exercises every workout day in order to target that part of your body the most.
  • For starters, start by doing 3 sets for around 12 repetitions. If you want to make more than 15 repetitions, we advise you to use your own weight only.

Now that we have covered the instructions, here are the 5 most effective butt workouts for women over 40.

Glute Bridges

Another good exercise that will work your glutes and with certainty, we can say that you need to expect sore muscles after finishing it. Lie down on your back and bend your knees pointing them upwards.

While your head, shoulders, and legs are still on the floor, life your hips and butt up. For best results, push with your middle part as much as you can until you feel pressure on your glutes.

When it gets easier, you can add weight on your lower ab area or simply push one leg at a time.

Horse Stance

This exercise will help you make your glute and thighs stronger. Open your legs wider than your shoulders and go down with your body, similar to the deep squats.

The right posture is to have your thighs completely parallel to the ground. It will be hard in the beginning, but you can’t give up. Every time you make this exercise it will get easier for you.

Deep Squats

Probably the best exercise for building a big butt, but you need to make the exercise properly in order to have positive effects.

Place your legs shoulder-width apart, maybe even a little wider, whatever is comfortable for you. Start bending your knees and go all the way down but make sure to have your back straight. After you learn the posture, you can add weight for even more successful results.


An exercise that will target your glutes and improve your cardiovascular workout. Place a chair, a bench or use your bed for this exercise. It should be higher than the level of your knees.

Start by placing one foot on the platform and raise your body up. After that, step back down and repeat the process before changing legs. When it gets easier for you, you can add weights.

Rear Leg Lifts

Go down on your hands and knees and lift one of your legs while holding your arms straight. Bring the leg down and lift the other one. You can also do 10 repetitions with one leg and 10 repetitions with the other one.

There are no doubts that you will be struggling with these exercises in the beginning, but after your body get used to the changes, you will feel the difference. Apart from becoming healthier, you will improve the looks of your butt.

Isn't it fair to share?

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