4 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women

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As many of you will know, sometimes it can feel as if we’re fighting a losing battle as far as our weight is concerned.

Weight loss isn’t a particularly enjoyable experience at the best of times, but when you’re barely losing any weight at all, it can be unbearable.

That’s why we’re looking at weight loss tips for women in today’s article. You see, in terms of biology, as if women didn’t have it tough enough already, it turns out that it’s genetically harder for women to lose weight than men.

This isn’t a chauvinistic sweeping generalization, it’s a scientific fact. It may be tougher, but with a little insider knowledge, it can still be done. Here’s a look at 4 effective weight loss tips for women.

Don’t diet –

One of the biggest mistakes that both men and women tend to make when trying to lose weight, is going on a fad diet. Yes, diets do help you to lose weight but they do not offer a long-term solution because they aren’t sustainable.

When people go on diets, they’re often depriving themselves of food because they’re creating a caloric deficit. When the hunger kicks in all they can think about is food. When most people finish their diets after hitting their targets they often binge and eat the food they deprived themselves of for so long.

Rather than a diet, instead, make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Drink more water –

As we’re looking at weight loss tips for women, we can’t overlook the importance of water.

Water hydrates the body, it’s great for the mind, it improves athletic performance, and it helps to increase the metabolism. Drinking water before a meal will also help to increase your satiety levels so you stay full for longer.

Avoid “diet” soft drinks as they contain chemical sweeteners that are bad for your health and that have also been found to suppress the metabolism.

Become more active –

If you’re looking to lose weight, as well as following a healthy diet you also need to get more exercise.

Exercise helps burn calories, which in turn will help you to lose weight. How you exercise is entirely up to you. You could go to the gym, you could cycle, take the kids or dog for a walk, go for a walk yourself, do some gardening, or anything else for that matter.

As long as you are active, you’re burning calories, and if you’re burning calories, you’ll find it easier to lose weight.

Find healthy meals you enjoy –

In terms of importance when talking about weight loss tips for women, this one is certainly up there.

  • Cut back on carbs
  • Eat protein, fat, and vegetables, find Healthy protein sources include beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, salmon, trout, and shrimp, whole eggs with the yolk, beans, legumes, and soy
  • Consume Low carb vegetables
  • Healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, butter

When people try to lose weight, they’ll often eat low-calorie foods that are bland and tasteless. Boiled chicken and steamed broccoli may be healthy, but it doesn’t really have much taste. When you lose weight, you want the experience to be enjoyable. This is where it pays to find healthy meals you enjoy.

Try different healthy recipes and stick with ones you know you enjoy.

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Bonus > 10 weight loss tips

  • Eat a high protein breakfast
  • Eat slowly, taste the food first, feel the food in your mouth
  • Drink water before meals
  • Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice
  • Choose weight-loss-friendly foods
  • Base your diet on whole foods
  • Eat soluble fiber
  • Drink coffee or tea
  • Weigh yourself every day
  • Get good quality sleep

If you’re happy and you’re enjoying the food you eat, losing weight won’t feel like a challenge at all.

Isn't it fair to share?

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