18 Low-Calorie Foods That Will Fill You Up

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Trying to lose weight can be a challenging experience, but only if you set your mind in that way. Losing weight or starting a diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be eating food that doesn’t taste right.

There are a lot of choices and foods that will help you enjoy while getting low amounts of calories.

Here are 18 kinds of foods or ingredients that should help you with your diet.

Bell pepper

In one 1 slice of bell pepper, you will get only 2 calories. Also, it is rich in folate and vitamin B6 which can reduce the risk of getting a heart disease.

Also, it is proven that the bell pepper can actually help your body burn fat faster.


In 1 cup of canned beets, you get 50 calories, which is ideal when trying to lose weight. Also, it contains a low glycemic load which is transforming it into energy but very slowly. This also means that you won’t be filling your bloodstream with sugar.


In 1 cup of spinach, you will get 7 calories. Also, the spinach is perfect for improving your power and muscularity. The spinach is rich in folate and omega-3 which can protect your system from a heart stroke, osteoporosis, or heart disease.


By eating one strawberry, you will get only 4 calories. Strawberries can really help you lose weight, but make sure that you are only eating fresh strawberries.


In 4 spears of cooked asparagus, you get 12 calories. It is rich in fiber and it is quite helpful when trying to improve your health or lose weight.


In 1 cup of cucumber, you get 14 calories. You can add them to salads, sandwiches, or side dishes. Also, they contain water, which is helpful during the weight loss process.


By eating 1 cup of cabbage, your body will only get 19 calories. Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties which lead to a boosted immune system.

Egg white

In 1 egg white, you get 20 calories, but that is nothing when compared to the amount of protein that you will be getting at the same time. By eating eggs, you will get minerals, healthy fats, proteins, and other important nutrients.


In one floret, there are only 3 calories. Also, the cauliflower is rich in fiber, can help you with your appetite by suppressing the work of the digestion system.


If you ingest 6 medium raw oysters, you will get only 45 calories. It is strange how a dish of that serving size can have a low number of calories. However, they are rich in sodium, so if you suffer from obesity, stay away from oysters.


It is strange that in 1 tomato there are only 22 calories. You can add tomato to your salads or to your sandwiches.


Aside from the essential nutrients such as enzymes or antioxidants, in 1 slice of pineapple, you will get only 28 calories. This fruit is recommended as a part of a diet because it can speed up the process of weight loss.


In 1 carrot you will get 30 calories, which still makes them a low-calorie food. This is a good option for you because carrots are rich in water and fiber, which can help you lose weight.


In one half of an apple, you get 37 calories. Apples can help you control your cravings, which is what you need during a diet. Also, they are rich in fiber, which will make you feel full, therefore, you will be eating less and losing weight more.


By eating 5 olives, you will get around 26 calories. Olives are really helpful when you are trying to burn fat because they will provide your body with monounsaturated fats which can stop heart strokes or diseases.

Green beans

In 1 cup of green beans, you get 40 calories. However, with one cup of green beans, you will get enough fiber for the day. This will suppress your appetite and you will be ingesting fewer fats, carbs, and calories during the day which is perfect when losing weight.


In 1 kiwi, you get 47 calories. They are perfect if you are physically active because they will provide your body with enough energy to get through your training. Also, if you are having sleeping issues, you can consume kiwi because it is proven that it can improve the quality of sleep.


In 1 cup of raw mushrooms, you only get 15 calories. However, they are rich in proteins and fiber. Mushrooms are essential when trying to burn fat and lose weight.

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