12 Steps How to Lose Weight during Quarantine

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During pandemics and epidemics in the world, such as COVID-19, you may be forced to stay at home and quarantine yourself. Maybe you’re sitting at home, watching TV and wondering how to lose weight during quarantine?

Well, here are a few steps you can follow to get in shape at home! Try to follow these steps and you will become as fit as a fiddle!

A very important step is to realize that you need to eat properly to lose weight during quarantine

The first step is to reduce sugar.

During quarantine and low physical activity, your body may constantly crave something sweet and snacks.

But did you know that eating one teaspoon of sugar can reduce your immunity by 40% in three hours?

  • This does not mean that you have completely reduced sugar, but that you eat it in low quantities.
  • Although your body needs sugar for energy, too much can lead to weight gain.

Also, remember that if you do not eat sugar for a few days, it can affect you. One day, your body will no longer be able to eat only healthy foods and will make you want to eat sugar and unhealthy foods on a huge scale, which will lead to rapid weight gain, so consume sugar in moderation.

Cut down on desserts and unhealthy snacks. Chips, cookies, ice cream, sweets, and other foods should be an occasional treat, not your child’s basic diet.

This “garbage” (as they are called) satiates you without providing the nutrients that you and your body need.

Look for healthy alternatives to unhealthy snacks, such as carrot sticks, popcorn, apple slices with peanut butter, and delicious whole grain cereals.

You do not have to completely cut out the sweets from your diet, because the feeling of deprivation can weaken your determination. Stick to one small dessert a day and enjoy thoroughly.

Start thinking about where your calories come from. Although counting calories can increase stress and is not an ideal dietary strategy, you can start paying attention to where you get most of your calories.

See our unique article to learn how to reduce your sugar craving in a healthy way, just click HERE.

Do most of your calories come from healthy sources (like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) or not-so-healthy sources (like simple carbs, red meat, and sweets)?

Hmm… I had a good idea. Because our psyche is such that when there is no one to control us we do not adhere to the rules. So make a list of your food, for example, start with what you like most, snacks, who does not like snacks?

Make a list of snacks, put 10-15 types of healthy snacks that you will prepare in advance and you will have them whenever you want to snack. Prepare them in advance because when we feel the urge to snack we do not want to prepare them at that moment, we are lazy for that, right? We want to have them right away and start snacking in front of the TV.

Here is the list for healthy snacks to make at home… (you can print this or save it on your phone so you can have this list always when you have time to prepare healthy snacks)

healthy snacks to make at home

Although you don’t need to count calories accurately, you may decide to calculate approximate values.

Try to control the portions of food. This can be difficult, especially when you are at home and have practically nothing to do. However, it is best to measure food and/or use smaller plates and bowls to serve food.

Instead of eating chips, pretzels, or other unhealthy snacks directly from the bag, decide how much to eat, and pour them into a bowl.

When you don’t take the time to actually figure out how much food you’re eating, you may end up eating too much food – and gain weight. If you are still hungry after you finish, eat fruits or vegetables.

If you are bored instead of hungry, try some interesting like chewing gum.

Try to take fruits and vegetables with every meal. The sugar in the fruit is natural glucose, which is much healthier than artificial sugar.

Vegetables have their own proteins, vitamins, and minerals that will keep you away from deficient diseases. They also help the stomach to fill up quickly, so you won’t feel hungry for a long time.
Steam a low-fat salad (such as a few nuts or a slice of peanut butter toast) to improve nutrient absorption.

Eat whole grains. Eating whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, and foods like oatmeal are very nutritious and are also good sources of energy! Pairing with vegetables will be the best option for you and will be a very healthy diet.

Develop a routine. Set aside some time to eat all your meals and maintain a healthy snack in between because it will help you stay full longer. Remember not to overeat!

In fact, having a daily routine at all can be helpful in keeping weight or to lose weight during the quarantine.

Avoid drinking sweetened or sweet drinks. Sugary drinks will bring in more calories than you expect. Avoiding fizzy drinks, juices, mucus, and other sugary drinks will help you stay in shape. Instead, drinking coffee or tea will help you lose calories!

Drink water regularly throughout the day. If you don’t stay hydrated, it can be associated with a higher BMI, and in addition, water can help you avoid overeating.

It is best to drink water before a meal, but not so much that you will be too full to eat too much food.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to become overweight. Although less common than dehydration and not a problem for most, excessive hydration can lead to serious health problems.

The second method if you ask yourself how to lose weight during quarantine is to Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Sleep 8 to 9 hours a day. We all need to sleep.

During this lock, sleep is one of the basic things we need to stay active and healthy. Lack of sleep can lead to your remaining inactive and becoming very tired.

Try to make a schedule for that day, where you sleep at least 8 hours to give your body a complete rest. That way, your body can relax and prepare for the next day.

Sleeping early and waking up early is the best option. Try to sleep 15-20 minutes before daily exercise. This will help your body rest before exercising and will help you feel much better.

Don’t be disappointed if your weight doesn’t change much right away. Your habits are much more important than the number on the scale.

Avoid controlling your weight often, especially if you have an eating disorder. Do not check more than once a week and skip the scale completely if you wish.

Exercise together with the people you live with (if anyone). If you are in home quarantine, you will not be able to exercise outdoors or with friends, but you can still exercise with people in your household.

A study shows that exercising with others keeps your mind and body-conscious while exercising and helps you work harder. If you can’t bring a friend, try exercising with family members in your garden or in-home, if you are alone at home try with your friends online with the camera.

The best forms of exercise during this situation are cardio exercises. They increase your heart rate and make you feel active during the day, keeping you fit and strong. They also cause you to lose a lot of calories.

Try to exercise with an app that has a tracker to keep you informed of how many calories you are losing during exercise. Many smartwatches have trackers; try to use them.

Balance your exercise. Maybe one day you exercise too much and your thighs, arms, and back hurt, so the next day do an easier exercise. Science has proven that performing light exercises every day can help build and repair muscles and tissues, bringing strength to you. You can lose a lot of weight and fat by doing light exercises one day and a little harder the next.

Stay positive. Millions of people there are suffering, but they are slowly recovering. Follow the recommendations and you will be fine. We should believe that this pandemic will die soon.

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